The entrance to Cyclops dungeon is found within the valley of Cyclops Pyramid (29.58’N 29.23’W 905, 1283). The dungeon enters into a large square room occupied by titans and Cyclopian warriors. Tall pillars support the roof of this hall, each pillar is equipped with sharp spikes, some of which move in and out of the pillar.

Stairs lead down from this hall at its north west corner into an area occupied by ettins and, in the slightly larger room to the north, a shade or spectre, a wraith and a lich. Beyond the room of ettins is a long north/south corridor patrolled by cyclopean warriors and more ettins.

The southern arm of this corridor leads first to a turning where a lich lord and spectre occupy a room and then terminates in a large blood-filled room where imps attend a single balron.

The northern arm of the long corridor terminates in a staircase leading downwards. This long, unoccupied, U shaped corridor ends in yet another downward leading staircase which forms the entrance to level 2 of Wisp Dungeon, also called Mage Dungeon.