Delucia (Trinsic) Passage

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The Passage to Delucia, sometimes called Trinsic Passage, begins in the mountains some considerable distance south West of Trinsic (148.47’S 22.55’E 1649, 3317). The passage is in two parts, the first short and simple, the second offering two alternative routes. These are marked on the map below as a red route and a yellow route (click the image to see the large, animated version). The red route is short and the passages empty but the yellow route, eventually leading to the City of the Dead, is somewhat different.

Turning away from the red route the adventurer travels uphill past Lava Lizards to a precipice. Below this small cliff is an area occupied by predator hellcats, with the possibility of also encountering the phoenix. The phoenix’s nest is off the path in the area far north east on the map, but the bird flies over the yellow route where it passes nearby.
As the path approaches, and passes, the lava fall fire elementals and small lava snakes can be found. Finally the path skirts, but does not enter, a small area in the south east which is home to a pair of efreets before exiting the mountain into a pass behind the city of the dead (48.41’S 70.48’W 5137, 3666).

City of the Dead in Trammel is home to a variety of undead while close by stands the old Orc Fort, abandoned by the Orcs, but now occupied by savages. In Felucca both these groups have been evicted as the area became one of the Lost Lands Champion locations.