Located in the Serpent’s Spine mountains on the western side of mainland Britannia, south of Skara Brae farms and north of Destard Swamp, Destard is one of the anti-virtue dungeons, as such hunting there can give virtue artifact drops.

The Felucca incarnation of this dungeon is also a valid location for stealing from monsters, though the monsters here may not take too kindly to the attempt. It is also the location of the Cold Blood champion spawn.

Destard is the anti-virtue opposed to Valor, the opposite of ‘valor’ being ‘cowardice’. Though with the majority of the inhabitants being dragon-kind it is unlikely there would be many cowards found there. It is not a location for the faint hearted, nor those with untried skills. Conversely it is also the location of a relatively safe area with chests for lockpick training at mid to high level.

Level One


Entering the dungeon through the area marked with an x on the map you find yourself in a ledge above a vast cavern, this large central area is inhabited by dragons, greater dragons and, in Trammel, a few wyverns.

Turning right and following the ledge you will find an opening and, in a quiet corner, a number of crates and chests. While some of these are low level and static there are some spawning chests that are of a higher level. There are other chests on the cavern floor, if you can avoid the inhabitants. At the eastern end of this area is a small pool, this pool is home to a considerable group of water elementals

Returning to the ledge and continuing away from the entrance the distance to the cavern floor becomes higher and steeper, decent into it now needing to be via a path down. A larger area now opens up to your right, the North end of the cavern. The neck into this area is fraught with danger, poisonous gasses seep up from the floor and in Trammel giant serpents slither nearby. To avoid the gasses stay close to the cavern wall.

This upper region, in Felucca, is the location of the Cold Blood Champion Spawn, with its Champion, Rikktor. There are no other inhabitants, the only other item of interest is the shrine at the far west corner, over a wooden bridge. In Trammel the shrine is jealously guarded by water elementals, as is the larger of the other pools in this region, at the Eastern side of the area. Elsewhere in the area are wyverns and drakes. Once more, return to the ledge above the cavern floor and continue.

The next, final, opening to the right is a long corridor, deserted in Felucca but populated by giant serpents in Trammel. The passage terminates at the head of the slope to level two. Two drakes and a few wyvern guard the Trammel entry, but Felucca is freely accessible.

Level Two


Descending the slope from level one the first thing you notice to the east is a further slope leading down to level three. The level appears to be divided into east and west areas by great pillars of rock. To the west of these pillars drakes and wyvern are found here in Trammel while to the east a pentagram is guarded on both facets by daemons and evil mages.

At the far end of the level a pair of shadow wyrms hold sway over a group of chests. The Felucca shadow wyrms, possibly freed by the absence of drakes and wyverns, range further from the chests, roaming the entire level at will. Beware of these, they cast not only magery spells, but those of necromancy too. A lethal combination for the unwary.

Finally returning to the steps leading downwards, the last and deepest level.


Level Three


The smallest area, Level three nevertheless has something of interest. In Felucca a pair of wyverns, an ancient wrym and a group of fire elementals stand guard over a pair of teleporter sparkles


The western sparkle, nearest to the slope from level two, leads to level four of Dungeon Deceit, the eastern sparkle will take you to Terathan Keep.

In Trammel there are more wyverns, but no sparkles and no fire elementals.