Despise (Felucca)

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Dungeon Despise is found deep in the mountains North of Britain (48.04’N 1.41’W 1299, 1077). On entering the dungeon the adventurer is confronted by two stairways. The more northern leads upwards to an area populated by lizardmen. The level is also liberally peppered with barrels and crates, all locked and trapped. These provide excellent training for lockpickers and can supply magic scrolls with which to fill a spell book.

The second staircase leads downwards where the occupants are ettins and earth elementals. At the far south west corner of this level is found another downward leading staircase, the third and final level of the dungeon. The open area at the north east corner of this level is given over to the Champion, The Piper and his vermin horde, the tunnels north of the level entrance and those leading towards the champion area are patrolled by Ogre Lords and Trolls while those further south ettins take over. A small corner at the far south west is the domain of a lone acid elemental while the most south eastern passage ways are home to cyclopean warriors and titan.

The most common entry route to the champion area is through a teleport sparkle in Dungeon Fire, the entry point from this, and a similar sparkle in Dungeon Deceit is at the point (72.25’N 59.16’W 5600, 800) marked with a red pin on the map below. Teleport sparkles from the champion area lead to the Ancient Wyrm Lair in Dungeon Destard (upper sparkle on map) and in the depths of Terathan Keep (lower sparkle on the map).