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Level 1

Entering the dungeon, take a breath while you can, then march forward to meet a new breed of Lizardman, Squatters and Defenders.  There may also be a stray executioner.

Turning left, the west branch of cells are populated by Hungry Ogres and Cave Trolls, with the large rear room being the domain of executioners and an archmage. At the far end of the cell block can be found a “mysterious tunnel”


Returning to the main corridor you can choose to pass through the sparkles to level 2 or explore the Eastern branch which is similarly occupied with Hungry Ogres and Cave trolls. Another mysterious tunnel can be found behind the cells and the sparkle here also goes to level 2.

All cell doors are locked, but can be opened by use of the telekinesis spell or lockpicking. Mysterious tunnels can be found under some bedrolls. Beware, examining bedrolls will reveal you if you are hidden.  No one can tell you where such a tunnel will take you, the destinations change, mysteriously. More of these later …

Level 2

Entering Level 2 the explorer is faced with a choice. West, East or straight forward to the North. Around your feet you may find prison rats annoying you as you make your decision

To the West you will find Brigand Cannibals, Executioners and an accompanying Brigand Cannibal Mage.
Little is known of these human occupants, animal lore can discover nothing about them. They hold in their cells several prisoners, which they are very reluctant to release. Doors are locked and they will slay the prisoners rather than allow them to be rescued. It is a doubty warrior indeed who can succeed in escorting these poor souls to safety.

At the time of exploring the East branch was largely deserted, but residents of the rest of the level may stray here from time to time.  Behind the buildings can be seen a Demonic Jailor, but no obvious path to reach him exists.

Entering the northern branch of this level you are first met by Savage Pack Wolves and mages of similar skill to that found on level 1. Here too you will find Fezzic, the Ogre cook. Should you anger him he will call upon his gooey maggots who’s dripping green goo will hamper your progress with its stickiness.  If you can defeat Fezzic you may be lucky enough to obtain the recipe to make a 3 tier cake. The task is not easy, he has no ear for music and even a greater dragon finds him a little too tough to chew on.

To reach the Demonic Jailor you must explore the mysterious tunnels, travelling through them randomly until one of the leads to your destination. Should he arrest (hit) you he will transport you to the Prison of Nightmares, a confusing maze of moving walls.  At its heart you may find treasure, but stealing it is hazardous, for it burns!

Prison of Nightmares

Information on this section provided by Arroth_Thaiel

The prison is a large room with a center cell and two small rooms to the south. The south-eastern room contains seven chests, the south-western room a teleporter to Level 1 of the dungeon.

The prison is patrolled by four Demonic Jailers each of whom will rush to intercept you and place you back in the center cell if they see you. Each time you are returned to the center cell by a Demonic Jailer, the maze may change. Two of the mazes will allow you reach the exit teleporter, however two will not! The sparkle teleporter seen in the image at the north wall will return you to the center cell without changing the maze.

The chests in the south-east room contain miscellaneous items, magic equipment, and a single Assassin Edged weapon. All items in the chests are enchanted and will cause damage when picked up, revealing any character including those with max hiding and stealth.  If you are caught by a demonic jailor while in possession of an item from the chests the item will be returned to the chest from which you took it and you will be returned to the center cell. A successful escape from the prison, returning you level 1 of the dungeon, will remove the burning enchantment and the prize is yours to retain.

The Escapable Mazes

The Inescapable Mazes


There are just two types of stealables in the dungeon, spawning on both Trammel and Felucca facets. The image below shows the known spawn points.