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Ice is a dungeon with two entrances. The first is in Ice Mountain, North West of the larger range that encloses dungeon Wrong (135.36’N 27.15’E 1995, 81). The second is in the frozen Kos Heb area of Lost Lands (69.20’N 66.01’W 5205, 2323), close to the Ice West Champion Location in Felucca. The Felucca incarnation of this dungeon is a valid location for stealing from monsters but is not an anti virtue dungeon.


The dungeon consists of winding icy passages, a frosty river and two small lower level caverns. Entering the dungeon at the mainland entrance finds the passages occupied by frost ooze, frost spider, ice snakes and ratmen. The ratmen come from a stone-built area surrounding a descending tunnel just west of the entrance, the tunnel leads to the first of the lower level caverns where ratmen have built a rudimentary fort. They occupy the fort in considerable numbers. Beyond the ratmen’s tunnel entrance is a small area where an artic ogre lord guards locked chests from aspiring lockpickers and the first of two bridges over the river.

The second bridge is found by not turning at the ratmen’s tunnel, but by continuing straight along the initial corridor. Crossing this bridge the adventurer finds two junctions. The passage left winds its way back along the river and eventually joins the path from the first bridge. The passage right leads to the other entrance and Kos Heb.

Passing both these turnings leads to the most northerly point of the dungeon where the path turns sharply to the west, continuing for some time before ending at another sharp turn. On a ledge above the turn is the disorderly nest of the White Wyrm while in the passage itself more daunting foes than the spiders, snakes, ratmen and oozes begin to appear. Snow elementals, Frost Trolls and Giant Ice serpents pace the snow while Ice elementals damage you with their cold aura. Just beyond the white wrym nest a short passage joins the turning from by the second bridge.

Turning west the path now circles a large cold pool, circling the pool to the north leads first to a branch leading north and west where an icefiend with its damaging aura guards a few locked chests and an archway. This arch is the entrance to the second deeper cavern, the Ice Demon Lair. Two more Ice Fiends guard these rooms and the locked boxes and chests within them, including the treasure room with hidden door.

Continuing to circle the large pool a second passage leads off to the west where a smaller pond and some locked chests are guarded by several ice elementals and accompanying snow elementals etc. The final turning from the pool leads back East towards the first bridge, with a small spar off where an arctic ogre lord guards some chests and a northerly turn which is the other end of the winding path from the second bridge. A short way along this path is a turning which ends at stone column where a third artic ogre lord guards more locked chests.