Deep in a maze of mountain passes south of Chaos Shrine in Ilshenar is the entrance to Dungeon Rock (92.38’N 32.41’E 1788, 570).
A short entry hall guarded by a zombie, shade and skeleton leads into this underground stone-built complex of many passages and rooms. The area is very sparsely populated, though lich seem to spawn randomly almost anywhere. The first group of corridors occupied by only a single lich and stone gargoyle.

The south eastern corner is home to an evil mage, an executioner and a lone acid elemental. Passing further into the dungeon requires moving through double pairs of gates, where a matching group of mage, executioner and acid elemental have their home in the south west corner.

Progress into the rest of the western passageways is achieved by passing through another gate. Beyond this gate are the more powerful occupants of the dungeon. Approaching the largest room shown on the map, the ritual room, reveals an unlikely group within; an elder gazer a lich lord and a poison elemental. Passing through that room to the most western group of corridors finds a lich, a small room with an executioner and a larger room at the far north with a lich lord accompanied by a pack of hell hounds behind closed doors.

The north and central arm of corridors, east of the ritual room winds around past stone gargoyle and evil mages terminating at its most northerly point in a room occupied by a lich lord and a poison elemental.

Locked and trapped chest and crates are scattered throughout the dungeon, should any aspiring lockpicker wish to try their skills, although the contents are uninspiring. The locations of these have been marked on the map below.