An expansion of the publish notes
The mysterious fortress of the vile Enchantress Minax is perched high above the Valley of Eodon.
Using the crystal ball located near the double red doors will bring up a selection gump that will allow you explore different areas of Shadowguard.

  • The Bar
  • The Orchard
  • The Armory
  • The Fountain
  • The Belfry
  • The Roof

You must complete the Bar, Orchard, Armory, Fountain, and Belfry before attempting the Roof.
Entries in the gump that are green have been completed, while those that are red have not.
shadowguard1  shadowguard2
You may replay previously completed encounters as often as you like, there is no prize for completing an encounter other than qualifying to access the roof.
Party up and enter an encounter with other players for a greater chance of success. When partied only the party leader may initiate an encounter.
If your entire party dies or logs out you will fail the encounter and be ejected back to the entrance, where you may resurrect at the ankh.
You may also exit any encounter by accessing the context menu on your character and selecting “Exit Shadowguard.”

You may exit the queue for Shadowguard by selecting “Exit Shadowguard Queues” from the crystal ball.
Luck increases a player’s chance at obtaining a powerful artifact reward from Minax.
The following composite images include some clues which may help you complete the encounters

The Bar

There is a chance that a player who attempts to throw a bottle in the Bar encounter will be persuaded to drink it instead, causing them to get drunk.
Throwing a bottle while inebriated may result in hitting oneself with the bottle.

The Orchard


Pick an apple, note the name, throw it at a tree – but which tree? This page may help you decide. The vile treefellows will let you know when you have made the wrong choice.

The Armory


Killed the encorcelled armor to obtain corrupt phylactery. Throw the purified phylactery at the enchanted armor to destroy it.

The Fountain


Build a canal to connect the spigots to the drains using the pieces dropped by the vile water elementals.

Beware of holes in your canal caused by pieces timing out or of the number of vile water elementals reaching the cap of 30. Connecting a canal with a hole in can cause the spawning of their far nastier cousin, the hurricane elemental. While 30 water elementals exist the next elemental wave also has a chance to spawn a hurricane elemental.

Players may use an axe to chop unwanted canals, destroying them.

The Belfrey

sg-belfry sg-drakewing

Ring the bell to summon vile drakes, kill the drakes to obtain a Magic Drake Wing, fly up to confront the greater dragon.

The Roof


On the roof you will find Minax, you must defeat each of her four lieutenants and the creatures they summon.


This undead creature will summon undead  and skeletal creatures to torment you

Ozymandias the Lord of Castle Barataria

Mounted on his lesser hiryu this archer will summon lesser hiryus, tsuki wolves,  and ninjas, he also uses dismount.

Anon the mage

Anon changes form, shifting his elemental resists, also summons elder gazers, wisps and mages. While in elemental form any matching damage he takes is ‘eaten’ to restore his health. ie, when in Earth Elemental form he will eat physical damage, in fire elemental form he will eat fire damage, etc.


This demonic creature will dismount the adventurer and summon minotaurs, daemons and titans. He is immune to all forms of barding, both as primary and secondary target.

Completing this encounter awards the character the title ‘Destroyer of the Time Rift’ which can be selected from the Titles Menu, overhead suffix