The Tribes of Eodon

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The Eodon Valley is home to a variety of native peoples known to be aggressive to those who they are unfamiliar with. The location of their homes can be seen on the map of the valley

tribe-jukariThe Jukari Tribe –

A tribe that worships fire and lives among the lava flows in the shadow of a great volcanic range. Every member of the tribe carries a torch as well as a weapon. The shamans are equiped with a wild staff, the warriors with a pickaxe and the chieftan a bokuto.

tribe-kurakThe Kurak Tribe –

A tribe that worships the Tiger, living deep in the lush jungles of the Valley. Warriors are armed with Tegaki, possibly in emulation of a tiger’s claws. Their chieftan and chieftess both are armed thus. Warriors and shamans alike all wear mempo face coverings.

tribe-barrabThe Barrab Tribe –

A tribe that worships the Myrmidex, an insect race thought to be of relation to the Solen & Terathan. The Barrab live high atop bluffs surrounded by sand pits where the Myrmidex come to the surface to feed. Their home is accessible only by crossing a narrow bridge. The warriors are equipped with spears.

tribe-barakoThe Barako Tribe –

A tribe that worship the Ape, living in a tree-top village in the forests of the Valley of Eodon. These primative, hirsute, grey clad warriors appear to have no bladed weapons, males wear bear masks and carry a war mace while females have a deermask and carry a maul. Their shamans are clothed in orange with tribal mask and their scepter carrying chieftan sports bone armor and helm.


tribe-uraliThe Urali Tribe –

A tribe that worships the Dragon Turtle, living among the swamps near the Dragon Turtle habitat. These people with strange yellow-green skin are unusual in that all the females are warriors and all the males, shamans. In common with all of the tribes the shamans carry a wildstaff. The warriors carry a metal shield but no weapon.


tribe-sakkhraThe Sakkhra Tribe –

A tribe that worships the dinosaurs, inhabiting the plains near the waterfalls in the Valley. Their pallisaded village features intricate carvings on some of the posts. The warriors, their chieftan and chieftess carry bows. Fields of crops can be found just outside the far East gates of their home.