Doom is a dungeon in two parts. The entrance is found in Malas, far to the east of Umbra in the corrupted forest.

dungeon_doom dungeon-doom

The dark edifice above ground encloses a short passage terminating in a hole.


Descend into the hole to find yourself atop a platform with the main dungeon area spread at your feet. This entrance is marked on the map below thus: dungeon

doom-platformDenizens of this part of the dungeon include a wide variety of undead, some unusual demon-kind including gibberling, ravager and devourer of souls and the strange and unusual Wanderer of the Void. These creatures include in their loot daemon bones. You will need to collect these if you are to gain access to the deeper area of the dungeon, The Gauntlet.

At various points in the dungeon Stealable artifacts can sometimes be found. These items and the frequency of their spawning is detailed on the page Stealing in Dungeons.

Areas of Interest


The Lever Puzzle and Lamppost Room

At the point marked A on the map there is a circle of tall statues. Between the statues are 5 pressure pads and 4 levers. Solving the puzzle this arrangment presents gains access to the closed room marked B on the map, the lamp room.

doom-lever doom-lamproom

Why would one want to access that room? Because that is the spawn point not only for the stealable lamp post for which it is named, but also for the rarer ‘Inquisitor’s Resolution’ gauntlets.

doom-puzzleclueTo solve the puzzle you will need a group of 5 people, minimum. Four players should stand on the pressure pads beside the levers, with the fifth, the thief, on the center pad. Both the lamp post and the gauntlets are items that require a minimum of GM stealing to successfully acquire them. Pull the levers in the correct order to transport your thief magically to the room.

Finding the correct order is somewhat problematical – an incorrect order will result in rocks falling on the participants – resurrections of party members will be required. The statues provide clues to help you solve the puzzle.

Inside the lamp room the thief must work quickly to avoid being overcome by a lethal gas which begins to fill the room. He will also find a small golden box placed on the table in the center of the room. Avoid this box, lifting the lid will cause a wanderer of the void to appear.

The Guardian’s Room


In the far northern end of the dungeon, marked C on the map, behind 3 sets of double doors is the room of the Dark Guardians.

Enter at your own risk, for if you do the doors will close behind you with an ominous clicking of a lock. Dark Guardians, will appear on the pentagram in the center of the room and poisonous fumes will begin to fill the room.

For each character or creature in the room two Dark Guardians will appear you must vanquish them in order to clear the air and unlock the doors. Failure will result in your ghost and your remains being transported to the point on the map marked D. One might think that this location may provide help, resurrection perhaps – you would be wrong.

The Dungeon Keeper’s Room

Marked on the map as point E, the dungeon keeper is no longer in residence, though his special dice and his rulebook remain.



At the point on the map marked F you will find Victoria. She holds the key to travelling onwards to the gauntlet. You will need to undertake her quest and kill the bone daemon.

The Treasures of Doom

Near to Victoria, marked G on the map is an area related to the Halloween event The Treasures of Doom

The Ferry Man’s Bell

Finally, at the point H, you will find the bell with which to summon Chyloth the ferryman to transport you, and your party, to the gauntlet – but be sure you have his fee, for failure to supply it will result in the attentions of the Skeletal Dragon.


The exit from the dungeon is marked with a sparkle on the map.


Doom Gauntlet

Doom Gauntlet is an expedition for a party, the party leader should be the one to pass the Golden Skull to Chyloth. Any persons not in the party will not be transported. When you find yourself lifted onto the boat, walk over the glyph to find yourself on the other side of the river, and over the glyph again to be teleported ashore. At the far side of the boat is a moongate, this is the exit from the dungeon, the only way out!

A hidden, secret passage – marked with a dotted line on the map, leads to Nix the Variety Dealer’s emporium, simply walk into the wall if you need to replenish your supplies.

There is also a healer on site, his room marked with the shrine symbol on the map. His door opens one way only, outwards. Ghosts may enter of course, locked doors being no barrier to a ghost.

The remaining five rooms hold the denizens of the dungeon. The door of each room will lock as you enter. You must defeat the room’s inhabitants to unlock the door, these creatures are pictured on the map. Numbers in the room vary according to the size of the party. Working clockwise these are:

  • Room 1 – Dark Knight Creeper
  • Room 2 – Flesh Renderer
  • Room 3 – Impaler
  • Room 4 – Shadow Knight
  • Room 5 – Abyssmal Horror

When all five rooms are completed the Dark Father will spawn in the central area, as pictured on the map.

All who gain credit for defeating these creatures accumulate points towards receiving one of the special rewards listed on the page Artifacts – Doom Gauntlet . The Dark Father also holds the crafting resource ‘Blood of the Dark Father’