Publish 91

TC1 Release – 11/5/2015

World Wide Release – 11/17/2015

Veteran Rewards

  • Auction Safe – 1st Year
    • When claimed, players receive three deeds to an auction safe.
    • When placed in a home, the owner will be able to set access security on which users are allowed to place bids.
    • Setting up an auction first requires you to select an item from your backpack for auction.
    • Auction items cannot be gold, a container, over 399 stones in weight, and must meet requirements for adding an item to a vendor.
    • Once the item has been added it will be placed on the auction safe to be displayed.  A starting bid and auction length must be set before you can start the auction, and cannot be changed once the auction begins. 140 characters can be used to describe your auction item and can be updated at any time.
    • A Buy Now price can be set which allows customers to skip a bidding war and purchase the item at listed cost, by doing so sellers incur a an approximate 5% fee on the purchase price.
    • On completion of the auction the owner account will receive their payment immediately and will be notified by in game mail of the outcome. The winning bidder has 3 days to retrieve the item from the auction safe or it will revert back to the owner.
    • Once the auctioned item has been retrieved the auction safe will once again be available to start a new auction.
    • In order to bid on an auction, players must have currency available in their account.
    • Bidders place a bid for the maximum amount they are willing to pay for the listed item. Funds will immediately be removed from the bidder’s account if their bid is successful.
    • If their bid is higher than the current winning bid, their bid will become the current winning bid.
    • If the current winning bidder is outbid, they will be notified by in game mail and their bid will be refunded to their account.
    • On completion of the auction the winning bidder will be notified they have three days to claim the item.
    • Unused funds from the maximum bid will be refunded at the end of the auction when claiming the item.
  • Dragon Turtle Statuette – 2nd Year
    • The dragon turtle statuette can be locked down in a house and will play dragon turtle sounds when anyone walks near it.  The statuette can be turned on and off by double clicking it.
  • Crimson Dragon Statuette – 4th Year
    • The crimson dragon statuette can be locked down in a house and will play crimson dragon sounds when anyone walks near it.  The statuette can be turned on and off by double clicking it.
  • Spinning Lathe – 7th Year
    • The spinning lathe is a house addon that will hold up to 5,000 charges of woodworking tools to be used for carpentry crafting.  The lathe can be turned on an off via a context menu.
    • The spinning lathe will not accept runic tools.
  • Bow Stringer – 7th Year
    • The bow stringer is a house addon that will hold up to 5,000 charges of fletching tools to be used for bowery crafting.  The bow stringer can be turned on and off via a context menu.
    • The stringer will not accept runic tools.

Holiday Gifts

  • All characters that are at least 30 days old that log in between December 1, 2015 at 12:01am ET and January 1, 2015 at 12:01am ET will receive a holiday gift token.  The token can be double clicked to choose a reward,
    • A Recipe for a Chocolate Nutcracker
      • Three recipes for Milk, Dark, and White Chocolate Nutcrackers wrapped in gold foil.
      • Chocolate nutcrackers can be crafted via the cooking skill.
      • Chocolate nutcrackers require a foil sheet to craft, an ingredient found in the Valley of Eodon.
      • All chocolates now use “sweet cocoa butter” as an ingredient, which can be made from sugar and cocoa butter.
      • There is a chance that when unwrapping a chocolate nutcracker there may be a Card of Semidar!
      • Cards of Semidar are collectible cards that showcase one of Britannia’s many legends.  The legends currently available include,
        • Dupre the Paladin
        • Nystul the Mage
        • Shamino Sallé Dacil
        • Juo’nar the Lich
      • When double clicked the Card of Semidar will display a beautiful picture of the legend.
    • A Mannequin Deed
      • A special NPC that you can use to store or showcase armor and weapons in your house.
    • A Potted Snowfull Tree
      • A fluffy white potted plant that is available in snow white, or eight rarely obtained colors.
    • Recipe for a Runic Atlas
      • A large runebook capable of holding 48 runes and up to 100 charges.
      • Craftable via the inscription skill.
    • Each token provides one of eight Holiday gift boxes available in a variety of colors, and eight rarely obtained colors and a holiday gingerbread cookie.

Huntmaster’s Challenge

New creatures have been added to the Huntmaster’s Challenge.  All current Huntmaster’s Challenges will be concluded when this get published.

  • Myrmidex Larvae
  • Najasaurus
  • Anchisaur
  • Allosaurus
  • Dimetrosaur
  • Saurosaurus

Dragon Turtle Armor

  • Dragon Turtle Armor crafting recipes are now available as drops from creatures in the Valley of Eodon
  • New Armor Set – Darden’s Armor
    • Mana Increase 15
    • Lower Mana Cost 20%
    • Myrmidex Slayer
    • Self Repair 3
    • Kinetic Eater 8%
    • Strength Bonus 16
    • Lower Reagent Cost 15%
    • Physical Resist 15%
    • Fire Resist 15%
    • Cold Resist 15%
    • Poison Resist 15%
    • Energy Resist 15%

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Champion Dragon Turtle bubbles correctly applies effects and damage.
  • The Crystal Portal will now respond to “eodon moongate” and take the speaker to the Valley of Eodon moongate.
  • Food decorator tools can now be used on gingerbread men.
  • Hawkwind’s robe can now be repaired.
  • Passive mastery buff icons will be replaced when a player resurrects.
  • Fixed issue where players without the Ninjitsu mastery could use white tiger form.
  • Fixed issue where white tiger pelts could be obtained without killing white tigers.
  • Tiger pelts, and tiger pelt armor with the incorrect hue have been corrected.

Classic Client Bug Fixes

  • Added Mastery Spells to macro list.

Enhanced Client Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with evening gown animations.