South of Vsorcerer-entryalor Shrine in Ilshenar, and on the far bank of the river is Sorcerers dungeon, Terort Skitas (1022.44’N 54.25’W 549, 455). The dungeon has two entrances, though one is atop the mountain, in the temple of knowledge, and only reachable by use of the teleport spell (105,17’N 53.55’W 556, 426).


Entering up the stairs into the mountain an adventurer is greeted by skeletons, skeletal knights and lich. Two branching corridors lead to a dinning room with water and acid elementals on the east side and a dormitory with gazer lavae, gazers and greater mongbats to the west. The corridor ends at a T junction. Turning east leads to classrooms with headless, earth elementals, wraiths, lich, gargoyles and stone gargoyles. Turning west leads to a staircase downwards, guarded by a blood elemental.

The bottom of the stairs matches the top, both in construction and guardian. Beyond the stairs is another classroom, with gazer lavae, gazer and an elder gazer. Several magical crystals are seen in this room, four of them are in pairs at the extreme north and extreme south of the room. Clicking either the green or purple crystal will transport you to its mate at the other side of the room.

Turning away from the classroom and west, parallel to the stairway, finds the alchemy workshop. Two daemons and a balron have charge of it. Passing through this room, turning south and passing through a group of imps and a lich, then east brings you to the Library. A wyvern, several gargoyles, a dread spider and a zombie are found here, also a pair of monks who appear a trifle lost. In two rooms behind closed doors are evil mages.

sorcerer-crystalsOn a table in one of the closed room are three of the magical crystals seen in the classroom; double click any of the three to be transported into the prison cells. Undead are incarcerated here; mummies, bone knights, skeletal mages and a lich lord. Click the crystals on the table to leave.

Returning through the alchemy workshop and passing the route to the stairs, a pack of hell hounds are at the beginning of the corridor east. Just beyond the hounds in a turning to the south with a blood elemental can be seen two flights of stairs. Staying on the east leading corridor finds a workshop to the north where dull copper elementals appear to be in charge of the forge and benches. To the south is a large, circular meeting hall; the occupants are lich, lich lord, blood elemental and poison elemental. The final room to the east houses gargoyles, skeletons, and as before when reaching a staircase, a blood elemental guarding the stairs.

Descending the stairs we find, again, a blood elemental. Beyond him an evil mage appears to be teaching a class of skeletons. A second blood elemental and a lich lord are close by. Passing through the classroom and turning north finds a large room with bloody pentagram, barred cell and several occupants including elder gazer, lich lord, efreets and a pair of balron, some of these may be in the closed cell. Beyond this room a rockfall blocks the path.

To explore the other side of the rockfall requires that the adventurer return to the two flights of stairs seen on the level above. One flight of stairs leads up, the other leads down. To explore beyond the rockfall you must go down.

The bottom of the stairs opens into a large room with a blood elemental, sometimes also a bone knight or lich lord. A corridor leaves this room heading north then turning west. At the point that the corridor turns north and then east are a group of mummies, bone mages, skeletal knights and a lich lord. The corridor ends at a blood stained laboratory with bedrooms off. This room takes on  significant importance for those following the quest to reach the BMV Ararat. A second corridor zigzags away from the east side of the room and circles round to the rockfall, which is guarded by rock mites.

Returning once more to the pair of stairs on the level above, this time taking the upward leading staircase finds a small, quiet room and a further upward staircase. Ascending the stairs leads to the Temple of Knowledge.