Terathan Keep

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Terathan Keep is found in the Lost Lands, west of Papua, difficult to reach because the keep is besieged, both above and below ground by the Terathans’ arch enemies, the Ophidians.

The large stone-built upper section of the keep is surrounded by trees with a water fall and river running through it. Terathan drones, warriors, avengers and matriarchs roam throughout.


The entrance to the underground section of the keep is found at the north west corner of the building (0.31’s 50.16’W 5429, 3118).

terathan-keep-down terathan-keep-up

Arriving at the bottom of the tower by descending two further rope ladders an adventurer finds himself at the outer wall of the keep, with Terathans to the east, west and south. To the north behind closed doors are several small rooms and corridors built around one large room. This area is occupied by ophidians, accompanied in the large, nest room, by a balron. On the Felucca facet the most north eastern of these small rooms contains two teleport sparkles giving access to the dungeons of Deceit and Fire.


Exiting the keep through the double doors to the south finds terathans in a swamp, trapped there by the ophidians in the tunnels beyond. Further into these tunnels is a swampy pit occupied by a dragon, greater dragon, drake and nightmare. The pit can only be reached from the side furthest from the keep.The entire tunnel area of the map is in the hands of the ophidians, who are present in considerable numbers.

Staying within the keep and turning west a short distance a corridor branches off deeper into the keep’s environs. A few ophidians may be found, but here the terathans still have the upper hand. Giant spiders roam unhindered by either faction. Crossing the river, which was first seen at the waterfall above, leads to the main underground area of the keep, and the Terathan temple, the floor of which is a huge swampy pool. This is the location of Mephitis’ altar on the Felucca facet, a teleporter from Despise or Destard dungeons will bring those wishing to challenge the champion to a point close to the entrance from the upper keep (illustrated below). At the center of the temple is the only permanent moongate to the star room.


Beyond the temple and to the south of it the keep walls again give way to cavern tunnels, and incursions by ophidians. A short way along the first tunnel is a swamp area with rope bridge above. On a ledge above the pool is a construction with a strange lever, but the only way to reach the lever is by crossing the rope bridge, which seems to be impossible without some means of traversing the slippery rope.

One other lever can be found, in a strange room south east of the temple area. Although the doors are not locked, they are firmly wedged shut and the lever cannot be reached.