The Stygian Abyss

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This very large dungeon stretching from Underworld to Tomb of Kings requires adventurers to undergo a quest to enter, a choice of two, one from Britannia, or one from Ter Mur. Originally a peaceful home of Gargoyles, a number of gargoyle flight paths can be found there.
The dungeon is the location of several stealable artifacts, a life-giving tree with special seeds, two special house plots, an abandoned and broken gargoyle city and the entrance to two Felucca rules Champion spawns; Primeval Lich and Abyssal Infernal. It is also home to:

Slasher of Veils, and the hell hound pack, both occupy the abandoned city, though not in harmony. Slasher will kill the hounds if they are near him. His ability to freeze attackers with fear and cause rocks to fall, in addition to significant magical ability make him a formidable opponent best tackled in a group.