Tomb of Kings

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The entrance to the Tomb of Kings is found at the northern end of the Holy City (165.14’N 22.51’W 998, 3840) It forms an antechamber to the much larger dungeon, The Stygian Abyss, but only those who have undertaken one of the two quests may progress beyond the tomb.

The entrance opens into a large room with a large silver serpent image on the floor and twelve levers, six on either side, in banks of three.
At the end of this room is a flame and energy field barrier. Naxatilor has informed his questers of the way to pass this barrier, two passwords are needed, one said by each of the two side flames. Ord on the left and Anord on the right.

barrier tombofkings

A long corridor stretches away from the barrier with corridors branching off to left and right; twelve in all, six on either side. Each of these short corridors ends at a jail cell where inhabitants are locked in by a forcefield, undead guardians or silver serpents. The forcefield is controlled by the levers in the entrance hall – but while there is one lever per room, the link between lever and room is random. It is not possible to predict which lever will unlock which room.

Once past the prison cells the corridor ends at a large room populated by undead gargoyles and silver serpents. On the west side of this room is a small alcove with a teleporter. This returns an adventurer to the lever room. On the East side a matching alcove has a hidden door in its wall while on the north a tunnel into the rock, where chaga mushrooms grow, leads to the two guardians of the path into the abyss.


The hidden door leads to the domain of Niporailem the thief, a formidable foe who will summon spectral armor and throw overweight, damaging gold piles which dismount an attacker. These piles turn into treasure sand after a period of time or when dropped. Dropping the gold piles, or being hidden when they are thrown, can result in a spawn of cursed metallic knights and mages.