Twisted Weald

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Entry to Twisted Weald is only granted to those who have undertaken the Dreadhorn quest and is gained by passing through a teleport sparkle in the Mushroom Caves (13.26’N 8.55’E 1450, 1471).

mushroom-cave twistedweald

The Weald is divided into three distinct habitat types. Initially the landscape is wooded. This is the location of the altar for the champion Twualo of the Glade and at the northern boundary of the wood is found Swoop, one of the Named Creatures.

The deep sand area beyond swoop’s nest slows movement and is home to changelings, satyrs, dryads, dire wolves and the elven canine Cu Sidhe; the peerless key, thorny briar also grows here. A small cave at the end of the desert is the lair of Gnaw, first encountered key holder to access Dreadhorn. The final habitat, the swamp, is where the remaining keys and key holders are found along with four other named creatures, whipping vines, corpsers and quagmires.