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The Awakening – Act IV

Written by the EM Team

     The thundering echoes of metal clashing against stone rose up again from the western walls, as yet another of the mechanical beasts managed to clamber its way out of the hole that led to their entombed shrine to do battle with the Gargish defenders. Alone the creatures were not a lethal threat, but any mistake would lead to injuries, and the gargoyles could not replenish their forces as the machines did. Add to that the defecting gargoyles that joined the twisted and insane controllers inside the mechanized temple to a long dormant deity, and Ver Lor Reg sat on a precarious perch. And though the sounds of valorous physical battle carried from the site, a far different but decidedly no less heated battle took place inside their council chambers.

    “To say we have dealt with the creatures of this land since Ver Lor Reg was created and we have never once faltered. To think that this is an unconquerable force is unworthy of our people. To say that we should accept the offer of Zhah…is unbecoming.”

    A rustling of leathery wings showed the gargoyles’ displeasure at the tone struck by Vis-Lem. “Zhah’s offer of refuge and treatise is favorable and generous; Driven by worry of losing some of your power, Vis-Lem?”

    Vis-Lem bared his teeth for a moment at Res-Vor. “To say that establishing Ver Lor Reg was a monumental accomplishment is an understatement; The machines are threatening, but the influx of visitors is helping businesses…”

    An-Rel-Tar raised a clawed hand for a moment for silence, and everyone ceased. It had been some time since they had heard the aged gargoyle speak. Clearing his throat for a moment, he stood and gestured to the other gargoyles at the stone table. “The elves…humans…and even fellow gargoyles are straining our resources. There is only so much the land and our mages can provide, and with central Ilshenar sealed so have a plethora of our resources been sealed beyond our reach. The gold is good, yes…but of what use is it when the Britannians suffer from raiders in their own cities and caravans are scarce? Think on it long and hard, my friends…It is no easy decision to make. We stand at a precipice, and must make sure we do not plunge off of it.”

    As An-Rel-Tar finished, he turned to walk out and the other gargoyles knew that regardless of whether or not they had anything else to say, for now at least, this meeting was finished.

    San-Lem had spent several years as a healer here in Ver Lor Reg, and before that she’d wandered through the wilds of Ilshenar, and it was a testament to her ability to recognize danger and steer clear of it that she’d survived as long as she had. The recent skirmishes in the city had set her and many others nerves on edge regarding the current situation, and the heavy traffic through the area didn’t help. Change begets change, she thought…and change was often a violent and destructive process. She’d made up her mind some weeks ago, and had only just now finished her preparations, trading what coin she had for rations and supplies. It ached within her to think of no longer being able to feel the touch of cool marble beneath her clawed feet, but she’d already made up her mind.

    As she passed through the gates of the cities and headed between the great marble pillars that marked where they had conquered the deserts of Ilshenar, she took one last look at the city before drawing her wings around her. She turned and headed north, passing a small group of humans with some sort of tool she’d never seen before. They were taking great scoops of the desert up and shaking loose the sand, finding rocks and bits of stone and marble from the initial constructions. Shaking her head she walked on, thinking that she’d never understand the humans no matter how many generations of their people she lived through.

UO Herald - Game Updates

THE YEW TIMES – A Newspaper for Sosaria

Written by members of the community

Issue 6


Time Running Out for Gargoyle Cure

With every tragedy, comes both the do-gooders and the exploiters of said tragedy, and the recent epidemic afflicting the gargoyle race is no exception. When humans first made contact with the gargoyles there were those nay-sayers who said that we’d end up dealing with all of their baggage as well, and they were right. The bulk of the gargoyle race are homeless refugees squatting on the outskirts of the royal city as evil blobs of black jelly pick them off at random. Some cynics say that the situation has improved for these refugees, since the recent pandemic will make more housing available after their current owners shuffle off this mortal coil. But, there are those optimists out there trying to make a difference in finding a cure for this plague. As we speak, brave adventurers are culling the terathan species and worthless slimes for their body parts to be used in alchemaic concoctions to save the afflicted gargoyles. Of course, this activity does not go unprotested, as animal and monster rights activists question the practice of slaughtering one species to preserve another. This usually falls on deaf ears as very few, or rather none outside the activist community care about creepy bugs and mold anyway. And finally, there has been no lack of pioneers peddling bogus cures including aromatherapy and homeopathic remedies. Gargoyle victims of a recent scam complained that they took the lime and the coconut and put them both together as they were instructed , but afterwards they did not feel better as they were promised.


Frustrated Fey Friends Forsake Footwear Fabricator

Citing irreconcilable differences, brownie workers departed the employ of footwear mogol for greener pastures. Brownie spokesman, Pilwinkle Dabblewonkin had this to say, “When we first signed onto this job, it was largely out of pity for the poor cobbler. You see, at the time, the guy was barely making ends meet. He was in danger of losing his house, his wife was sick, and was way behind on his work, due to extreme exhaustion. He came to us for assistance, and in exchange for some honey cakes and sweet cream, we would work long into the night to fill his work orders. It seemed like a good idea at the time; we brownies are suckers for those damn honeycakes. Eventually, the cobbler got his life back on track, and was making gold hand over fist due to the demand for unique fey made footwear. We brownies were working around the clock for some honey cakes that turns out can be bought for 5 gold per dozen. Yeah, we brownies are pretty crappy businessmen. So now, the cobbler’s walking around like some bigshot, and hasn’t even made the effort to show a gesture of gratitude. It’s not about the honeycakes man, it’s about the respect! So, it’s back to Ilshenar for us.” There is no telling how this news will impact footwear purveyors, as authorities fear a repeat recurrence of the Sosarian Sandal Slayings where footwear fanatics hunted down innocent mages for their uniquely hued shoes.


Maritime Mystery Solved

After months of silence, there is finally news of the lost expedition led by Captain Dantes, whose vessel departed Vesper’s port four months ago. It is a grim tale to be certain; recounted by a sole survivor who lived to tell it. The survivor in question is a young lad by the name of Jack Lodel, who signed onto the crew to see the world. Later washed ashore; he would be found by the daughter of Marshal Sorrenson, a physician, who would be instrumental in aiding in his physical and mental recovery. Many nights, the young man’s cries of terror would awaken the household, and had to be put at ease. According to his caretaker, the recovery would be a rocky one with fragmented memories caused by a particularly traumatic experience. Sorenson stated that he was not sure what had triggered the memories, but it was overwhelming on how suddenly and in such detail they came flooding back. According to Jack, the Captain was searching for the cause of a phenomenon plaguing maritime travel, which he believed to be some sort of large aquatic creature. If they should encounter such a beast, the Captain came prepared with a hold full of gunpowder kegs which would be ignited and launched from a catapult-like device secured to the main deck. And they did. It first appeared to be a small island sitting out in the ocean, until it came to the realization of the crew that it was moving. They approached the “island” cautiously until they could make out its surface, which appeared to be made of some sort of etched and hardened material. Then the “island’s” head rose from the waters, dragon-like in appearance and seemingly unperturbed by the ship’s presence. It was not until the beast began to submerge that the captain grew very animated and insistent that his quarry not escape; ordering two crewman to load a gunpowder keg onto the launching mechanism. The keg landed in the water close to the creature’s head and exploded. The beast turned about upon the craft as it rose from the water, until it could be seen in its full horrifying form, comparatively dwarfing the vessel. It was some sort of chimera; an massive turtle body with a menacing dragon head which loomed over the craft. It briefly regarded the crewmen scurrying about frantically and gave out a deafening roar, prior to expelling a gout of flame from its throat onto the deck of the ship. The explosion of two score powderkegs tore through the fore deck and enveloped the cargo hold which held a further half ton of the kegs. The hull was sundered in two and rapidly took water. The young Lodel was fortunate enough to be on the aft deck at the time the incident occurred and although injured in the blast, managed to survive the brunt of the explosion. The rest of the crew were not so lucky. It is uncertain if the creature was killed or injured as well, as the youth soon afterwards lost consciousness due to his injuries. This account set us about on an investigation into the existence of such a creature, which would ultimately take us to the Lyceaum. There we would find accounts chronicling the era of the first cataclysm of Sosaria where the dragon turtles dwelled in the sea in great number, prior to the sinking of many continents and upheaval of newer land masses. It would be some irony if the creature itself, was the sole survivor of some great disaster which swept its own kind into oblivion.




When people think of the town of Minoc, images of a bustling and industrious community of miners and craftsmen comes to mind. If you have been a visitor yourself, the thing that likely made the deepest impression while you were there was colorful language used by tinkers; namely cussing. Whether used for insults, friendly greetings, or just passing the time, the tinkers of Minoc take their crafting of profanity as seriously as their own material creations. The locals say, whenever you are in a working environment, there are always incidents of banged thumbs and botched craftsmanship, and for those special occassions, you need the appropriate word or phrase to reflect your evaluation of the current circumstances. But there are those times even outside the workshop where the tinker’s second craft has come in so handy. If rumors are to believed, one Shiela O’Halligan, a tinker of petite stature faced off against the Covetous Irregulars, who caught her off guard as she was taking a stroll to the Minoc moongate. Reaching deep within herself like some sort of ascetic master, she unraveled a sixty-plus syllable string of filth so potently vile that her ambushers stumbled backwards with arms flailing as if poleaxed, giving her ample time to make her escape. As for her her attackers, they were never seen again in those parts, and there is no telling if they ever fully recovered from the experience. When outsiders ask the tinkering community if they are concerned whether their local vernacular is turning away visitors, they will often say that they don’t give something or another about that sort of stuff. So, if you are interested in meeting different people, then Minoc should be on your travel itinerary, but you might want to leave the kids at home.



Buyer Beware

When out visiting your favorite shop, whether it be in Luna or any location that offers special deals, always check the items before you purchase them. Due to the hard times that have befallen the cities, some merchants are fleecing anyone that they can. A monk at the winery reported that he recently saw the same robes that they sell for the modest price of 136 gold being sold by a vendor for an exhorbitant 1000 gold. Additionally, it  seems when they have a fair quantity of resources on hand for 10,000 gold each, they might sneek in one deceptively priced at 100,000 gold, with hopes that you might not notice. Also, just because someone is selling some fancy item you may not have seen before, such as a TerMur Snowglobe, doesn’t mean you can’t obtain it yourself by some other means. So, before you purchase anything pricey, please take the time to research the item that you wish to buy and be more observant of the selling price.
This message has been brought to you by the Merchant’s Association.



With a Great Moustache Comes Great Responsibility

Whether pushing back the forces of Minax, or leading the charge against the demon-machine, Exodus, the one concern that Lord Dupre that will not have on his mind is an unkempt moustache. The Lord Dupre Moustache Trimmer (TM) ** guarantees a perfectly even trim of upper lip hair that is both dashing and charismatic; a moustache that says “Follow me.” So, whether it be on the battlefield or out on the town with the ladies, your moustache will be ready for whatever is thrown at it. The Lord Dupre Moustache Trimmer (TM) is light (1 stone) with a nightsight mod, for grooming even under the poorest lighting conditions. So, get yours while supplies last.
** Not officially endorsed by Lord Dupre



Dear Tabi,
When I go out sailing on my boat, I like to bring along my favorite chair. Recently, my friend joined me for a trip on the ocean. I was comfortably seated on the deck, and enjoying the brisk sea air, as my friend for some inexplicable reason pulls the chair out from under me. For reasons which I also cannot explain, I am now standing out in the middle of the ocean. According to my sextant, I am at 142 22N  92 27W. I am very afraid.
Signed, Afraid and standing in the middle of the ocean.

Dear Afraid!!!!!!!!!
You should be afraid… if you are standing in the middle of the ocean and unable to walk on water… that is the state of mind one should be in!   I hope and pray you are not asking me for directions, for I am on of those “challenged” characters in that department.  When I am dropped off in Luna for a shopping spree, my biggest feat is finding my way back to the stables for my horse!  and that is on dry land.. I could sprint my way to the moongate (probably circling it a time or two) but to be left out in the middle of the ocean!  *gasps*  I am having flashbacks to a time I was kidnapped on a ship with a “red” foxlike character whisking me away to parts unknown..  Bringing me to a few questions…………  Are you alive…. Do you have a runebook……… if so………. use the first option available and get outta there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happily Ashore,

Did you know?: The Jungle parrot, despite its diminutive size, has a crushing beak powerful enough to break the spine of its prey, the giant serpent. It then uses its strapping wings to lift the carcass up to its nest where it will feed its voraciously hungry chicks.

Quote of the Day: Give a murderer a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to kill fishermen, and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.”



The Peddler-January
 A poorly thought out shortcut through the Fens of the Dead will leave you with bad foot mold. Invitations to parties and other private events will be very scarce this month.
The Mongbat-February
 You will be reunited with a dear friend that you have not seen since childhood, and you will have time to catch up and reminisce of old times. Your friend is currently serving a life sentence in Yew prison. Your cell is the one next to his.
The Phoenix-March
 A great burden will soon be lifted from your shoulders. It will be in the form of a backpack filled with 20,000 gold, and your benefactors will help lighten your load just as you are leaving Destard in Felucca.
The Sea Dragon-April
 You are confident and have great nerve. You will be publicly jeered and heckled for trying to pocket the coins from the fountain in the Haven square.

The Hermit-May
 A well-traveled individual will bequeath to you a vast sum. We hope you will enjoy the 20,000 fishsteaks
The Llama-June
 You discover that there is no truth to the rumor that you can gain superpowers from being bitten by unusual spiders after many failed attempts.
The Ancient Wyrm-July
  Before you start thinking that you are hearing strange voices in your head, why don’t you first check to see if you forgot to turn off the comm crystal in your backpack, genius.
The Anvil-August
 You will begin to question the character of the lawyer you chose to represent you when you notice a pickpocket dip in his office.
The Weaver-September
 Your search for a gypsy alchemist who can brew you a love potion will be in vain. But she’ll hook you up with a great cure for your psoriasis
The Wisp-October
 You will come to terms with and finally accept the fact that the more you try to make the sacrifice to travel the land, help people in need and put out their fires, the more they will hate you for helping other people somewhere else.
The Unicorn-November
  You will embark upon a relationship with a tillerman or tillerwoman, not for the hope of romance, but because you enjoy small talk.
The Wanderer-December
 Be careful that your curiousity doesn’t get the best of you. A lot of people have heard that curiousity killed the cat. But what most don’t know is that it was snooping in a crate and was poisoned, blown up and impaled by a crossbow bolt.

UO Herald - Game Updates

Account Center Maintenance – 07/19

Update 5:45 am EDT: Maintenance completed. The account center is back online

We will bring down the Account Center for a short maintenance tomorrow, Thursday July 19th, at 1am EDT (5:00am GMT). During the maintenance you will not be able to change subscription, redeem game codes or transfer characters.

At the moment we anticipate the Account Center to be back online at 5am EDT (9am GMT).

Thank you for your understanding.

UO Herald - Game Updates

Ultima Online Spotlight

Ashlynn, an avid UO player and reporter for the PaxLair Times, has created a magnificent piece of fan art. Despite her many responsibilities, she dedicated a lot of her time working as an excellent UO Cartographer. She crafted a beautiful map of Britannia that may prove to be as timeless as Ultima Itself. 

Map of Britannia

Head on over to PaxLair Times to get a full size 3798×3453 copy of the image and check out the amazing details! While you’re there, read through her great reports and help us to thank her for her time and love for Ultima.

UO Herald - Game Updates

Attention Housebuilder


If you have recently followed some ill advice on how to achieve an illegal house foundation in Ultima Online, now is your time to undo it. From tomorrow on, agents of the housing office will search for such foundations and sanction the owners.

Thank you!

UO Herald - Game Updates

Account Center Maintenance – 04/23

Update 10:45 am EDT: The maintenance is over. All functions of the account center are available again.


We will bring down the Account Center for maintenance tomorrow, Monday April 23rd, at 8 am EDT (14:00 CEST). During the maintenance you will not be able to change subscription or redeem game codes.

At the moment we anticipate the Account Center to be back online at 12 pm EDT (18:00 CEST).

Thank you for your understanding.

UO Herald - Game Updates

April’s Treasure Hunt Challenge – Catskills vs. Legends

   A new (old) Challenger has come forth!

   Last month the Gold Diggers of Legends Shard defeated a surprisingly fierce team Awesome Sauce of Lake Superior. There will be no surprises this time around, however, as the Gold Diggers face a seasoned team of veterans, the Blue Beetles of Catskills. The following is the Challenge laid forth by Catskills, and the response issued by Legends:

My Dearest Helios and Miko,

   How are things? It has been some time since we have spoken. How has your shard been, and Miko – did you ever get that boil removed? Adris and I have been quite well on Catskills – busy as always, of course. There always seems to be something, you know?
   Anyway, I am writing to you to say “congratulations” on your two victories in the Cross Shard Treasure Hunt Challenge. You and your team truly are Legends. Well, in your own minds, perhaps. But don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t begrudge you your hard-earned victories. I mean, as the saying goes, I’d rather be lucky than good, eh?
   To the point – if you fancy a bit of competition, I think Catskills would like its’ trophy back. What do you say? We EAGERLY await your response.

   Barnaby, Adris, and the Blue Beetles of Catskills

Appreciative of the concern for Miko, the Legends EMs responded promptly:


   It will be interesting to see if such civility will stand when the competition between these two proud teams heats up. The Gold Diggers are looking to become the first team to win three Challenges in a row, but the Blue Beetles (former two-time champions themselves) should prove a difficult opponent. As if this wasn’t enough to provide drama to the match, EM Sangria has promised a surprise for this Challenge – something special to mark the occasion of two veteran teams meeting.

   Interested in seeing how this all plays out? Come to the Chessboard in Nujel’m and watch Catskills take on Legends in the Cross Shard Treasure Hunt Challenge!

Date: Sunday, April 22nd
Time: 9pm EST
Place: Nujel’m Chessboard, Test Center Shard
Spectators are encouraged to come and cheer on their favorite team! Gates will be provided from the New Haven bank prior to and during the event.

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Maintenance of All Shards – 04/18

Update 2:45pm EDT: Oceania is back online, too.

Update 1:45pm EDT: All shards except Oceania are back online.


We will be bringing all shard offline tomorrow, Wednesday April 18, at 11 am EDT (3pm GMT) for maintenance to improve the login process. This maintenance will replace the regular morning maintenance; it includes TC1.
At this time we anticipate that the shards will be back online no later than 2 pm EDT (6 pm GMT).

Please be sure to check the Herald for updates regarding this downtime.

UO Herald - Game Updates

Noteworthy Persons – Queen Mum

Why did you choose Sonoma for your home?  How long have you been here?

Fourteen years ago family members were playing UO and kept asking me to join them. It took about a year for me to ‘just try playing it’ and since they play on Sonoma, because of its friendly community atmosphere, it became my ‘home’.
How did you come up with the name Queen Mum?
The family suggested it because they consider me the Queen of Cookies and they call me Mum. So, we just put the two names together.

How did you get started organizing events?
Before retiring, my career was in promotions and advertising. I really enjoyed planning and implementing special events for my clients. When I joined UO I discovered that players like to attend community events so I began organizing and running them. I also have had the opportunity to help other community event organizers from other shards and find doing community events always fun and rewarding.
What’s your favorite type of events to do and attend?
There are so many types of events that I have helped organize that it really is hard to choose just one. However the main thread to all of them is having players attend the event and leave as if they just participated in a special occasion. I like to attend all types of events as long as it doesn’t involve me having to wear a death robe! For 9 years I managed to not adorn one of those things but alas it happens to everyone eventually but really bakers, tailors, and healers do NOT look good in grey!
You are well known for your cookies.  How did that get started?
When I started playing UO I developed a cook and would run around dropping the cookies I had baked. This was long before they stacked so it was a great way to get to know people and to share my skill while not throwing away what I had made. In real life, baking cookies is what I love to do and as the kids were growing up I always had cookies in the cookie jar for them. Now, I enjoy mailing them during special seasons to the many friends we have made from playing UO.
What’s your favorite cookie recipe?
That would be my Hawaii State Fair Blue Ribbon Chocolate Chippers! They really are to ‘die’ for. Moist in the center, crispy around the edge and the chocolate chips just melt in your mouth. There is a secret as to how to get them like that but I can’t tell you it. *Hint: flour!
What is the recipe for black rock cookies?
Well I could tell you but the explosion might just kill ya … naw just kidding …They are pretty easy to make. Just have to keep in mind that pop rocks explode because of moisture. You start with a package of Double Chocolate Chunk Betty Crocker Cookie/Brownie Mix, and follow the directions for preparing the dough. Then lightly fold 2 pkgs of ‘pop rock candy’ into your batter as the final step before placing dropped cookie dough (I use the standard size cookie scoop) onto a parchment lined baking pan. Bake as directed. Then as the cookies cool, place a bursting type candy in the middle of the cookie to add to the explosion when you bite into one. Thanks go out to Draconi for planting the idea in creating a black rock cookie explosion.  🙂 
What do you like best about Sonoma?  UO?
The community. The friendships that I have made over the years with people from all over the world. UO gives us the opportunity to do and be anything we want. Just as in real life you can be a tailor, a fighter, a chef, a bounty hunter, a fisherperson, a gardener and that’s just in one day of play. The next day you can play other styles and not repeat what you did the day before. It’s like each day is a whole new world you can create and play in.
Do you have a favorite UO moment?
Oh that is also a tough one. There are several special UO moments that come to mind. Weddings, festivals, battles … but I think the one that says it all about UO is when the UO world came together in 2004/2005. The Indian Ocean tsunami hit followed by Hurricane Katrina 8 months later.
UO players from around the globe stepped up to help those in need by donating their time, gold, items, thoughts and prayers. Crazy Joe led the way with a new concept: Gamers Charity, which allowed all the gold and items to be turned into real life cash which then was donated to the Red Cross. UO Players helped raise thousands of dollars with their billions worth of virtual goods. If memory serves me right the final total came in at  a little more then $10,000.00. This united action lifted the spirit of human kindness to a level that had not been seen in the virtual world. The movement hit nationally and Crazy Joe was interviewed on MSNBC about UO and Gamers Charity. Also, as a ‘UO Wedding Cleric’ I was honored to be asked to hold memorial services on the different shards and was given the chance to help Sosaria Live Radio (now Whispering Rose Radio) run a 3 day music-thon to raise as much gold as possible. Folks donated so much gold it was unbelievable. So I would have to say that is the most touching and memorable UO time for me …
Anything else you would like to add?
I would like to share a little slogan that reminds me of why I keep playing … Ultima Online is more than ‘just a game’ …its a way of life!