Being [young]

When you enter Sosaria for the very first time, you will be considered a “young” player, this designation will appear over your head in brackets after your name, identifying you to other players. Young status gives the following protections and restrictions, while it lasts:

  • Monsters that would normally react in a hostile manner will not attack young players, except in self defense, unless they are quest monsters . (you will receive a message in your journal if a monster wants to attack you so you can learn which monsters are hostile)
  • Young players will be teleported to a healer upon dying and will retain any belongings.
  • Young players can insta-log anywhere.
  • Young players may not loot monsters they did not kill for two minutes after the death of the monster.
  • Other players may not loot monsters killed by young players.
  • Young players may not travel to the Felucca facet; this is the facet on which you can be attacked by other players
  • Young players may not steal from other players or NPCs.

Losing Young Player Status

“Young” status is affected by your total playtime with your account, and is not calculated on a per-character basis. A player loses their “Young” status if they spend more than 40 hours logged into UO and have more than 450 total skill points.
Players can also end their “Young” status by saying the words, “I renounce my young player status”.