Movement and Travel


Basic movement in Ultima Online is fairly simple, hold down the left mouse button and your character will follow the cursor. Click the right mouse button while holding the left down will lock in the movement mode and allow your character to release the left button and still have your character following the cursor. The greater the distance between your character and the cursor the faster the character will move, up to maximum movement speed. Single left click removes the lock and allows you to halt.The keyboard’s arrow keys can also be used for movement.


Travel can be on foot, walking or running. For greater mobility a mount can be obtained, a basic horse can be bought from an npc stablemaster in any town that has a stable or specialised pets may sometimes be found for sale at New Magincia Bazaar. Rideable llamas, ridgebacks, swamp dragons, desert ostards or forest ostards may all be ridden by characters with no taming ability as can the more specialised giant beetle and fire beetle. For more information you should read about pet ownership and pack animals

Magical Travel

begin-moongatePublic Moongates can be found at certain locations throughout the land. Stepping into such a gate can transport you magically to another public moongate selected from a list. These are marked on your radar map, and on the facet maps on this wiki, by a moon symbol moongate.

Mage shops in most of the land’s towns sell an item called a ‘rune stone’. Characters with sufficient magery can use a spell ‘mark’ on these runes. Two further spells can be cast by a mage using such a rune as a target, recall and gate travel. Casting recall on a marked rune will transport the caster to the location at which the rune was marked. Casting gate travel on it opens a moongate similar to the public ones, allowing several people to step through and arrive at the marked location. Warriors with the skill ‘chivalry‘ also have a travel spell which can be cast on a marked rune, ‘sacred journey’. Example: A character standing in his house might ‘mark’ a rune. He can then cast ‘recall’ (or sacred journey) on that rune when he has been adventuring and be magically transported to his home.

Marked runes can be stored in a Rune book or Runic Atlas, such books are written by scribes and can be used by characters with no magery or chivalry when ‘loaded’ with recall scrolls. The page Runebooks explains how this is done. Some players’ houses have whole libraries of these runebooks for the use of fellow players.

Special Items Enabling Travel

There are, currently, four special items in game which facilitate travel. These can often be found in player houses with security allowing free access, much like the rune libraries. These items are:

  • Crystal Portal – a year one Veteran Reward allowing travel to all banks and public moongates, provided the player’s account has the relevant expansion.
  • Corrupted Crystal Portal – also a year one Veteran Reward, allowing travel to all dungeon entrances, provided the player’s account has the relevant expansion.
  • Moonstone Crystal – a reward from the quest The Zealotry of Zipactriotl allowing travel to a number of locations in Eodon, provided the player’s account has the Time of Legends Expansion
  • Serpent’s Jawbone – a reward from the Halloween event Treasures of Sorcerer’s Dungeon allowing travel to a selection of locations in Ilshenar.
  • Ankh of Devotion – a reward from the event Treasures of Fey Wrath allowing travel to Shrines in Trammel, Felucca and Tokuno.

Of these items only the veteran rewards can be accessed by Endless Journey accounts, this is done by saying where you want to go within range of the item

The crystal portal

For Trammel ruleset, say the city’s name followed by “mint” (e.g. “minoc mint”). For a moongate, say the gate’s name and “moongate” (eg. “minoc moongate”).

For Felucca, say “fel” then same rules as above. So “fel minoc mint” or “fel minoc moongate”.

City Names:
britain, bucs, cove, delucia, haven, jhelom, magincia, minoc, moonglow, nujelm, ocllo, papua, serpent, skara, trinsic, vesper, wind, yew, luna, umbra, zento, termur, ilshenar

Moongate Names:
moonglow, britain, jhelom, yew, minoc, trinsic, skara, magincia, haven, bucs, vesper, compassion, honesty, honor, humility, justice, sacrifice, spirituality, valor, chaos,

The corrupted portal

For Trammel ruleset, say “dungeon” followed by the name of the dungeon (e.g. “dungeon shame”). For Felucca, say “fel” then same rules as above. So “fel dungeon shame”.

Dungeon Names:
covetous, deceit, despise, destard, ice, fire, hythloth, orc, shame, wrong, wind, doom, citadel, fandancer, mines, bedlam, labyrinth, underworld, abyss, grove, caves, palace, prism, blackthorn

The same teleportation rules apply regarding criminal flagging, weight, etc as for recall, gate or sacred journey. As above, your character can only travel to locations to which your account has access.