The Zealotry of Zipactriotl

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Once your team, the Myrmidex Alliance, has been victorious inside the Myrmidex Pits visit the Barrab Tinker in the Barrab Village

The Zealotry of Zipactriotl

myrmidex-barrab-tinkerAll hail our Myrmidex Overlords! Now that the Britannians and the rest of Eodon have been stopped from their offensive against the Myrmidex it is time for the Barrab to restore the Myrmidex to power! Long ago the Kotl came to Eodon. Their technology was far advanced and they built may crations. Before long they decided they needed servants to tend them beyond the metal giants they called “Automatons! and so they created the Myrmidex. The Myrmidex would not stand for their oppression and rose up against their reptilian masters! The Kotl unleashed a great weapon called Zipactriotl to abolish the Myrmidex. In time the Myrmidex were reduced in numbers and the Kotl placed Zipactriotl in stasis until such time the Myrmidex were once again a threat. The alien technology of the Kotl has spread throughout the realm in the eons since their arrival – we must recover that technology so we may release Zipactriotl and destroy it once and for all! The time is now for Myrmidex to rule with the Barrabian at their side! All hail the Myrmidex! All hair the Barrab!

  • Obtain 1 Stasis Chamber Power Core
  • Obtain 1 Stasis Chamber Activator
  • Obtain 1 Stasis Chamber Regulator
  • Obtain 1 Stasis Chamber Stator

Speak to the tinker again to gain information on where to obtain the items he requires.

You must acquire the Activator from the Gemologist at the Shimmering Jewel in Vesper, the Regulator from the Ship Captain at the Horse’s Head in Jhelom, the Stator from the Golem Maker at the Tinker’s Guild in Britain, the Power Core from the Oddities Collector at the Lyceum in Moonglow before the Stasis Chamber can be activated and Zipactriotl can be destroyed!

Hidden Treasures

myrmidex-gemologistHello there, looking to buy? Sell? Perhaps a pearl necklace for your lover – or maybe a fine ring to accompany your finest evening wear? We’ve got it all – just let me know what we can do for you and I’m sure we can accomodate! Activator? Stasis Chamber! Why I haven’t an idea what your are talking about! *leans in ans whispers* Not so loud – can’t be too sure who’s listening in these days. Listen if you want to get your hands on that item I know where you might be able to find one. I was able to acquire a treasure map that’ll get you where you need to go but I need something first. My supply of prized gemstones has run low – you bring me those gem stones and I’ll supply you with the map to what you are seeking.

  • 1 Perfect Emerald
  • 1 White Pearl
  • 1 Brilliant Amber

Collect these items and return them to the Gemologist, he will give you an adeptly drawn map. You may need the help of a treasure hunter to dig up this chest. Nestled among the items in the chest you will find the stasis chamber activator stasis-chamber-activator

The Salty Sea

myrmidex-captainArr! The seas have become a wretched and dangerous place – a myriad o’ creatures be tormentin’ me ships. Can’t have it! Can’t have it one bit – what’s that? Myrmidex. *He pauses and thinks for a moment as he sits back on the stool* Maybe I heard of em, maybe I ain’t … I’ll tell you what ye go and clear some o’ the creatures that be plaguing the seas and maybe I tell ya what I know about Myrmidex.

  • Slay 10 Water Elemental in the South Britannian Sea
  • Slay 10 sea serpents in the South Britannian Sea
  • Slay 10 deep sea serpents in the South Britannian Sea
  • Slay 5 krakens in the South Britannian Sea

Although you would normally need to fish these up with nets, they are now to be found on the surface of the sea around Jhelom. Lauch your boat and lay to! Report back to the captain when you have completed your mission. He will give you a message in a bottle. Sail to the location given in the message and fish up the chest, no fishing skill is needed for this special message. Nestling among the items in the chest you will find the stasis chamber regulator stasis-chamber-regulator

A Tinker’s Task


Ha ha … he he… hoo hoo… yes yes… its all coming together now if only… *the tinker pauses and looks up* Myrmidex did you say? Oh yes, we are most certanily on the same page here! I assume my Barrabian colleague sent you? Of course he did! I’m almost ready to befi tinkering on the Automaton – but I nees some supplies first. You collect those supplies and I’ll give you the Stator you seek. Long live the Myrmidex! Long live the Barrab! Ha ha! He he! Hoo hoo!

  • Obtain 500 ingots
  • Obtain 25 gears
  • Obtain 5 Power Crystals
  • Obtain 2 Clockwork Assemblies

Lazy creature! gears and ingots are sold right there in the shop. You’ll probably need a trip to Ilshenar to obtain the other items on her list. Return them to her to receive in return the Stasis Chamber Stator stasis-chamber-stator

Collector of Oddities

Arriving at the Lyceum in Moonglow you will realise that this person doesn’t have a quest for you to perform, instead he will sell you the required Stasis Chamber Power Core for the modest some of 101250gp. stasis-chamber-power-core


Mark the four stasis chamber pieces as quest items and return to the Barrab tinker

All Hail the Myrmidex! All Hail the Barrab! Muwahahah! With these components the Stasis Chamber can be reactivated and Zipactriotl shall meet DOOM! Go now to the Kotl Antechamber and destroy Zipactriotl so the Myrmidex may once again rule the Valley of Eodon with the Barrab shall be at their side! go to the Kotl Antechamber and Destroy Zipactriotl

That instruction is a bit vague. Where would you find the antechamber? Speak to him again for enlightenment

Zipactrotl must be destroyed… the time is NOW! Go to the Antechamber in the Great Pyrmid and restore glory to the Myrmidex

The location now becomes clear, double click the idol and then decend the steps to the chamber floor; but inside the chamber nothing is moving. Activation of Zipactricotl is required before you can defeat it.

kotl-antechamber kotl-stasis-chamber

Circling the room you find eight stasis chambers built from the components you, and other questors, collected and a kotl power coil. Each has two activators which must be triggered simultaneously, so you will need a minimum of two people to animate Zipactricotl.

Potential Rewards

  • A Recipe for a New Potion
  • Reward Title Token
    Can be redeemed for one of several reward titles

    • Defender of Eodon
    • Defender of the Myrmidex
    • Flame of the Jukari
    • Trooper of the Barako
    • Thunder of the Urali
    • Ambusher of the Kurak
    • Herder of the Sakkhra
    • Colonizer of the Barrab.
  • A Recipe for a Kotl Power Coilkotl-power-coil
    Craftable via the Tinkering Skill

    • 5 Workable Glass
    • 5 Copper Wire
    • 100 Iron Ingots
    • 5 Moonstone Crystal Shards, (found on the corpse of slain Myrmidex Warriors in the Myrmidex Pits)
  • A Moonstone Crystal
    moonstone-crystalCan be used to teleport to a variety of locations within the Valley of Eodon

    • Eodon Moongate
    • Barako Village
    • Jukari Village
    • Kurak Village
    • Sakkhra Village
    • Urali Village
    • Barrab Village
    • Shadowguard
    • The Great Ape Cave
    • The Volcano
    • Dragon Turtle Habitat
    • Britannian Encampment