Exterminating the Infestations

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Once your team, the Eodonian Alliance, has been victorious inside the Myrmidex Pits visit Professor Ellie Rafkin in Sir Geoffrey’s Camp. You will need to speak to the professor twice to obtain all the information you need.

Exterminating the Infestation – Ellie Rafkin


It is unfortunate it had to come to this. My hope was the knowledge gained from all the peoples and creatures of Eodon would better our understanding of life – alas the Myrmidex are an abomination, creatures born into enslavement by an oppresive alien race, the Kotl. The Kotl came to Eodon to expand their empire and in doing so upset the delicate ecosystem that is the natural wonder of this place. The Valley cannot survive if the Myrmidex are allowed to spread, and there is no guarantee Britannia will be safe – they must be destroyed from within. We must quell their numbers significantly in order to force their Queen into reproduction, we must also obtain a powerful pheremone to gain safe passage within the deepest reaches of their pits, and we must also find an insecticide powerful enough to destroy them. Only then can we confront the Myrmidex Queen and end the Myrmidex threat.

  • Bottled Myrmidex Pheremone
  • Bottle of Concentrated Insecticide
  • Mymidex Population Report.

Speak to Ellie again to obtain further directions

You must obtain the Insecticide from the Gambler at the Modest Damsel in New Magincia, the Pheremone from the Gardener in Delucia, and the Population Report from Lt. Foxx before we can launch an offensive against the Myrmidex Queen.

Although the population report is the last item on Professor Rafkin’s list, Lieutenant Foxx is close by, perhaps it would be advisable to undertake his quest first.

Pest Control – Foxx the Lieutenant



You there! Secure that ballista! And you, fall in! Hup-two! Hup-two! Double time now recruits! Time to squash these bugs *hic* You eye-ballin me pal? I haven’t got any time to pixie foot around, I’ve got a deadline to deliver this population report to Professor Rafkin showing we’ve thinned out the Myrmidex swarm so much so the Queen has to start plopping out these little buggers again. I suggest you grab something sharp or heavy and get to bug huntin! *hic*


  • 20 Myrmidex larvae
  • 15 myrmidex drones
  • 10 myrmidex warriors

Once you have completed Lt. Foxx’s requirement return to him for your reward, the population report population-report

Getting Even – The Gambler



*sobs* Whyyyyy couldn’t I just stop, no just had to be one more hand – I knew if I could just get a hot streak I’d make it all better … but I lost everything, even my shirt! I loved that shirt, was so puffy and soft. How can fortune have cursed me so badly? The only thng left to do is drink this poison here and – *pauses and looks at you* You want this poison? *eyebrow raises a bit* Well if you want it so bad you’ve got to do me a solid, head to the Fortune’s Fire Casino and make them pay! Bring down the house and I’ll let you have the poison, at least show me SOMEONE can win in that wretched place!

  • Win 3 Games of “Chuckle’s Luck” at the Fortune’s Fire Casino
  • Win 3 Games of “Hi-Middle-Lo” at the Fortune’s Fire Casino
  • Win 3 Games of “Dice Rider” at the Fortune’s Fire Casino

Fortune’s Fire Casino is found close to Underworld entrance (except on Siege Perilous Shard). You will lose a lot more games than you win, but three should be possible without being reduced to the poor gambler’s current state. Return to the gambler when you have fullfilled his demands to receive the promised concentrated insecticide concentrated-insecticide

Of Vorpals and Lettuces The Gardener

myrmidex-gardenerI cannot believe these wretched pests! I can’t even manage to plant a single head of lettuce without these rascals chomping them up! *She pauses for a moment and looks at you quizzically* Oh, hello there! What is it I can do for you? Roses? Watermelons? Lettuces? We’ve got them all … well maybe not lettuces but … Myrmidex Pheremone? Well that is certainly a special request – say, how about this? You take care of my rabbit problem and I’ll give you the pheremone. Sounds fair to me!

You will need a green thorn to plant in the nearby field to draw up the vorpal bunny you must kill, and the speed to keep up with it. Once you have killed it return to the gardener to collect your reward life_shield

Exterminating the Infestation – continued

Mark each of the three items you have just obtained as quest items and return to Professor Rafkin.

I should be excited but I cannot help but grimace at the destruction of an entire population *she frowns a bit* I must remain pragmatic though, this is for the greater good of the Valley and Britannia. The time to destroy the Myrmidex Queen is now.

Everything is in place. In the depths of the Myrmidex Pits are the Queen’s chambers, it is there that she spawns new Myrmidex to bolster the numbers within the colony. No doubt she is powerful – the energy of the moonstones is sure to have seen to that. It pains me to say this but – take no mercy, she mus be destroyed for the safety of the peoples of Eodon

The entrance to the queen’s chamber is not within the pit where you fought to prove your loyalty, but closeby at the northern end of the desert. You would be ill-advised to enter alone. She is far from defenceless.

myrmidex-queen-entrance  myrmidex-queen-pit

Potential Rewards

  • A Statuette for Sakkhran Bird of Preysakkhra_mount
    When used, this statuette provides a vanity mount available in hues ranging from Common to Uber Rare.

    • Brown – Common
    • Greenish Pink – Less Common
    • Mottled Green – Rare
    • Blackrock – Uber Rare
  • Reward Title Token
    Can be redeemed for one of several reward titles:

    • Defender of Eodon
    • Defender of the Myrmidex
    • Flame of the Jukari
    • Trooper of the Barako
    • Thunder of the Urali
    • Ambusher of the Kurak
    • Herder of the Sakkrha
    • Colonizer of the Barrab.
  • Recipe for an Eodonian Wall Mapmap
    • Craftable via the Cartography Skill
      • 50 blank maps or scrolls
      • 1 Unabridged Atlas of Eodon, available for sale from Professor Ellie Rafkin in Sir Geoffrey’s camp

    Displays in game as a wall map that when double clicked opens up a full view of a map of the Valley of Eodon

  • Raw Moonstoneraw-moonstone-small  raw-moonstone-large
    Decorative House addon that allows placement of a short or tall raw moonstone