Ter Mur Void Creatures

Surrounding the land of Ter Mur is a great Void, from which the creatures of the void plague infest the land. The creatures evolve over time, following three ‘paths’. Each path has three forms into which it can evolve, becoming stronger as it does so. The third form being the strongest. The Gargoyle, Agralem the Blade Weaver gives a quest to kill some of these creatures. A hunter may also kill them to obtain void orbs, used in imbuing, void essence used to make mechanical pets and single charge soulstones, void cores or daemon bones.

The building block from which the three ‘paths’ of void creatures evolve is the Korpre. Multiple Korpe combine to form the first creature of one of the paths.korpre

    • The Survival Path
      • Anzuanord is the first of this path.
      • Relanord is the second.
      • Vasanord is the highest form on this path.

anzuanord relanord vasanord

    • The Grouping Path
      • Anlorzen is the first of this path
      • Anlorlem is the second
      • Anlorvaglem is the highest form on this path.

anlorzen anlorlem anlorvaglem

    • The Killing Path
      • Betballem is the first of this path.
      • Ballem is the second.
      • Usagralem Ballem is the highest form on this path.

betballem ballem usagralem


The Ortanord is a random evolution, belonging to none of the three paths. This is not aggessive unless attacked, is very hard to kill and gives little reward. It is probably wise to leave these strange wisp-like void forms in peace.