Xenrr The Green Goblin and Barreraak the Gray Goblin

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These two goblins are on opposing sides of the Underworld, deep within their clan’s territory. It will take an intrepid adventurer, or maybe just a sneaky one, to reach them.

xenrr barreraak

However both have a very similar desire, a fish.

xenrr1 barreraak1

You will need an accomplished fisherman (minimum skill 80) to meet the goblins’ requirements, but fortunately the fish can be traded, so the fisher need not necessarily be the questor. However they must be fished from the Underworld river.

One possible fishing spot is pictured below.



Having caught your prizes mark each as a quest item and return with them to the goblins.

Mud Puppy
Red Herring

Each will give you a reward.

Xenrr’s reward is his Fishing Pole. This item is blessed and has the properties Spell channeling and faster cast -1.
Barreraak’s reward is his Old Beat Up Ring. This too is blessed.

Equipping either of these items has a most peculiar effect on your character!!

Xennr’s Fishing Pole
Barreraak’s Ring