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Taxidermy Kits allow players to use corpses of certain creatures, or hunting permits from the Huntmaster’s Challenge, to create wall mounted trophies. Trophies generated from corpses are created as deeds which become trophies when placed in a house.deed Hunting permit trophies are created without the interim deed stage.

The Kits can be bought from Tanner NPCs for 100,000gp, but only by Master or Grandmaster carpenters (90.1 skill and above). All others attempting to buy the kit are told disparagingly ‘You would not understand how to use the kit. Thou has bought nothing!’

There are 3 distinct types of trophy, the ‘historic’ list of creatures require you to target the corpse of the creature you have killed. For these trophies buy the kit first, otherwise your prize corpse is likely to have decayed by the time you reach it with your kit! For the sake of clarity they will be referred to in the table below as ‘fresh kill’ trophies.

The carpenter does not have to be the character that kills the beast, but corpses decay in 7 minutes, so the time available is short. Fish, however, can be stored so there is no urgency to convert them to trophies and the huntsman’s challenge utilizes the hunting permit, which again can be stored until required.

The carpenter will need the following items to create a trophy:

  • taxidermykitTaxidermy Kit
  • boards10 boards
  • corpse of one of the eligible creatures, or a suitable fish, or a completed hunting permit. The permit is not destroyed by the process
Fresh Kill Trophies
trophyorc trophygorilla trophytroll trophybear trophyicebear trophystag
Orc Gorilla Troll Brown Bear Polar Bear Great Hart
Double click the kit, target the corpse. The kit is destroyed and a trophy deed is created. The trophy may be placed in a house where the character placing is owner or co-owner. Target the floor at the base of the wall where you wish to place.
Fish Trophies
trophyfish trophystonecrab
Big Fish Marlin style Trophy Dragonfish style Trophy Kingfish style Trophy Dungeon Pike style Trophy Crab or Lobster Trophy
Double click the kit, target the fish, a trophy deed will appear in your backpack. The fish shown are examples, for a full list of fish that can be made into trophies see Fishing in the High Seas These trophies show the type of fish, the weight, the name of the fisherman that caught it and the date it was caught.
Huntsman’s Challenge Trophies
bear_trophyDouble click the kit, target the hunting permit, the trophy will appear in your backpack. These trophies show the type of trophy, the weight of the trophy, the name of the hunter, the date of the kill, the location it was killed in, the species and the weight of the creature.

The quest items Red Herring and Mud Puppy are considered to be big fish for taxidermy purposes.

Double-clicking a placed ‘fresh kill’ or fish trophy will cause it to return to deed form in the player’s backpack. Huntmaster trophies are simply unlocked and picked up in the manner of most decor objects.

Trophy deeds placed in houses that collapsed at the end of the IDOC phase are deleted and cannot be picked up as part of the IDOC loot.