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These are some selected questions from our bi-weekly Developer Meet & Greets.

February 2016 

1. Can you fix items that are stackable that won’t go on a vendor after a transfer?

This has been fixed in the upcoming publish.  All stackable items that are not vendorable will be reverted.  It is much easier to handle this issue via a global fix than trying to do each piece separate.

2.  Why was the loot in shame nerfed in publish 86.3, why is loot on unbound EVs not as good as it used to be?

The global loot changes normalized the distribution of loot across all creatures in game, and made the generation of higher end items more randomized.  Factors such as mob difficulty and luck will produce an intensity range from which items are created.  As items increase in intensity, the likelihood those items will get a negative property applied increases.

 3.  Is it possible to add “Granite Only” to shovels.

We will be adding a granite only option to shovels in Publish 92.  This has been moved to Publish 93.

4. Is it possible to add stained glass windows?

After speaking to the artists this is doable, we can give the glassblowers the option to make a single or multi tile stained glass window that players can dye.

5. Can we remove the lack of cohesion timer from resurrecting pets?

For those players that have the veterinary skill, the resurrection timer is ten seconds.  For non-veterinary pet resurrections, the timer is 10 minutes.  We think that an appropriate middle ground would be to allow instant resurrection of pets that fall below a certain power threshold.  This would allow players to immediately reclaim low level pets (such as mounts) while still giving some benefit to the investment in the veterinary skill for higher level pets.  We look forward to feedback on this proposed change.

6.  Can you adjust enchanted apples to remove more than one debuff at a time?

Changes to enchanted apples are currently in the pipeline and are being evaluated for balance by QA, we hope to have a change to enchanted apples in Publish 92.  Be sure to check them out on Test Center and provide us your feedback!

7.  When will gargoyles be given the chance to get the 5% mining bonus?

We will be adding the ability to exchange current mining bonus gloves for an equivalent gargoyle item in Publish 92.