Pass of Karnaugh

karnaugh In the mountains east of Valor moongate in Ilshenar is a narrow mountain pass. It extends all the way through the mountains to emerge a short way north of Compassion moongate. The way through is blocked at roughly the halfway point by a large building which totally fills the pass (118.44’N 20.48’W 1027, 273).The only way to reach the far side is to navigate through the building avoiding, or battling, its hostile inhabitants.

There are two floors to the building and four stairways between them; three on the north side and one on the south.
Zombies, stone gargoyles, lich and mummys are found on both floors, the lower floor also has blood elementals, gazers, dread spiders, giant black widow spiders and rotting corpses. Poison elementals and elder gazers are, in theory, on the upper level, however they may also descend the stairs to the lower level.