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Armor Refinement allows players to apply Refinements to non-medable armor.

Where armor would ordinarily be non-medable, but has the property Mage Armor, the property can be removed by an npc mage guildmaster for a fee of 250,000gp. The property can be re-added subject to the armor not having more than four properties or not being an artifact.

Note: the mage guildmaster in New Haven will not remove mage armor from a blessed item. This restriction does not apply in other cities.

Transmogified armor cannot be refined

There are two methods of refining armor:

Reinforced – Increase max individual resist while lowering max defense chance increase by one.

Deflecting – Decrease max individual resist while increasing max defense chance increase by one.

Note: This adjusts the possible cap, it does not adjust the actual resists or defense chance increase which still must be present on the armor to enable the new cap to be reached.

Refinement Components are found in the following Levels:

  • Invulnerability – Applies four modifications with a chance to apply five modifications.
  • Fortification – Applies three modifications with a chance to apply four modifications.
  • Hardening – Applies two modifications with a chance to apply three modifications.
  • Protection – Applies one modification with a chance to apply two modifications.
  • Defense – Applies one modification.

A refinement amalgamator can be obtained from clean up rewards at a cost of 10,000 points. This allows you to combine low level refinements to become higher levels in the following combinations

• 2 “Type” of Defense required to upgrade to 1 “Type” of Protection. amalgamator
• 3 “Type” of Protection required to upgrade to 1 “Type” of Hardening.
• 4 “Type” of Hardening required to upgrade to 1 “Type” of Fortification.
• 5 “Type” of Fortification required to upgrade to 1 “Type” of Invulnerability.

The item below, found in a gold strong box in a Feluccan tailor shop, pictured, can be used to create a refinement that could be used on an item of woodland armor, applying 2 modifications. The item is stealable, but the box is locked and trapped.


Refinement components are insurable and can be collected from:

  • Treasure Maps
  • MiB Chests
  • Merchant Vessels
  • Pirate Vessels
  • Felucca Town shop container stealables (see image above)
  • Champion Spawn Bosses

Components are combined with raw materials bought from NPC Blacksmiths, Carpenters or Weavers (not Tailors). These are stocked in a minimum starting quantity of 500 on each vendor that sells them at a base price of 50gp each. Each component requires the addition of 20 raw materials.

Armor Type Reinforce Component Deflect Component Raw Materials
Studded Leather
Studded Samurai



Leather Braid
Samurai Plate
Gargish Platemail
Malleable Alloy
Gargish Stone
Solvent Flask

The same raw material is used for both the reinforcing and the deflecting refinement type. When a crafter of GM skill (or above) combines a component with the appropriate raw material a refinement is created. Refinements are insurable.

  • 1 polish of invulnerability + 20 malleable alloy = 1 polished plating of invulnerability
  • 1 cure of defense + 20 leather braid = 1 cured thread of defense
  • 1 varnish of invulnerability + 20 solvent flask = 1 varnished resin of invulnerability


Crafting Type Reinforcing Deflecting

Cured Thread


Washed Thread
Blacksmith Scoured Plating

Polished Plating


Carpenter Varnished Resinrefine_varnished_resin Glazed Resinrefine_glazed_resin

Once created the armor refinement can be used by any character but the character must be in the correct location. At each of these locations you will find an Armor Refiner who will provide guidance.


Armor Refiners can be found at the following locations:

  • Blacksmith
    • The Hammer and Anvil, Britain, Trammel (6º51’N 7º22’E)
    • Warrior’s Supplies, Cove, Felucca (34º31’N 65º04’E)
  • Carpenter
    • Bloody Thumb Woodworks, Yew, Trammel (53º25’N 52º09’W)
    • From Tree to Yew, Jhelom, (166º39?N 7º10?E)
  • Tailor
    • Adventurer’s Clothing, Trinsic, Trammel (107º24’S 46º37’E)
    • A Stitch in Time, Ocllo, Felucca (85º08’S 164º10’E)

Double clicking the refinement opens a gump such as this example:


As seen from the list above, ‘defense’ level refinement offers only one modification, in this instance there is 0% chance of a bonus modification. Physical resist was chosen:



Note. The resists on the item are unchanged. However the maximum physical resist possible for the combined suit is now 69 instead of 70 while the defense chance increase cap has been raised from 45 to 46. The character needs suitable items having the defense chance increase property to reach that cap. The maximum possible defense chance increase cap through use of refinements is 70. The minimum possible resist cap through use of refinements is 65 for each resist. The maximum being 75 (except for elves, where it is 80). It is possible to re-refine a piece of armor, overwriting the previously used refinement.