Bigglesby’s Bounty Quests

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In the tavern at Sea Market can be found G.B. Bigglesby, the proprietor, he offers a bounty for capture or killing of the pirates on his bounty board

pirate_questgiver pirate_bounty

Double click him to hear his tale



‘Capture or kill a pirate listed on the bulletin board’ the quest clearly says, but be sure to read the following page which tells of a special reward from Bigglesby if the pirate is captured alive.

Recent events have caused Bigglesby to expand his operations and employ an officer on Zento Docks, for pirates now also plague Tokuno’s waters.

Should you accept this mission a ‘binding pole’ will be placed on your vessel. Note: A ship with a binding pole can not be dry docked. You must complete or quit the quest to be able to dry dock the ship.

Clues to the whereabouts of your quarry are helpfully provided by various npcs at the Sea Market and on docks throughout Britain. When closer to the location you can also issue the command ‘start tracking’.  This will track up to 5 nearby ships for one minute.


This task is not an easy one and a wise ship master will take along a doughty crew to man his cannons and substantial resources to repair his ship. On encountering the pirate you seek you will need to disable his ship and dispose of his crew. Only when the ship is ‘scuttled’ can you board it and battle its pirate captain into submission.

Loot the ship’s hold of all it’s contents, strange and unusual things are sometimes found there.

pirate_cargo Pictured:

  • Smoked Cod
  • Dried Tuna
  • Salted Snapper
  • Salted Herring
  • Spiced Salmon

Bind the pirate to the pole and return to Sea Market for your reward.


Killing the pirate will grant you a death certificate, which will be redeemed by Bigglesby for the bounty of 10,000gp, as listed on the board. However if you return with the pirate alive and bound you may receive the following:

  • A flame cannonball  light_flame_cannonball
    does fire area damage when fired
  • A frost cannonball  heavy_frost_cannonball
    does cold area damage when fired
  • A piece of a plan to build an Orc Ship (8 pieces are needed which will combine into an Orc Ship Deed)