Magincia Planting System

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Magincia has a unique landscape in that players may plant seeds in grassy areas on the island. To prepare your chosen spot you will need a hoe and a jug of water, both can be bought from the gardener at the Magincia Public Garden.

Not everywhere is an acceptable spot:

  • There are too many objects in the area (limit 34 in a 17 x 17 area)
  • The ground is not good for gardening on, or close to, vacant designated housing areas
  • The ground is not good for gardening on, or between, vacant Magincia Stall locations
  • Plants that block movement cannot be planted next to other plants that block movement

There is, however. a large part of the island can be tilled by your hoe.

You may choose to plant your seed in the public garden. The picture below shows a public garden co-operatively planted by a number of players on the shard Siege Perilous. A further example of co-operative planting, this time by a guild, can be found on Atlantic shard north of the bank bridge.

Mag-garden-siegeOnce you have ’tilled a small area to plant’ you can double click the small mound of earth. This will give you a plant gump like those shown on the Plant Growing page, with one slight difference; the empty plant pot symbol at the lower right corner shows instead a small pile of earth. Selecting this provides you with the option to abandon the plot. Water the plot exactly as you would the hard dirt in a plant pot, you may now plant your seed.

Attempting to plant a second seed will give you the system message ‘Time remaining to plant on the Isle of Magincia again: 3 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes.’ To keep you plants healthy you will need to tend them daily exactly as described in the Plant Growing page, referenced in the last paragraph, for plants in pots. Only the owner of the seed can take care of the plant, in this instance another character on the same account won’t do. The plant will be tagged with the owners name and the date he/she planted it. Players will be able to dig up the plants after they have matured and they will continue to keep the player’s name, the date planted and the date harvested.

Note: Seed and resource bearing plants will not bear seeds or resources when planted in this way.

From Publish 89, February 2015 New Magincia Gardeners began to sell Gardening Contracts:

Target the New Magincia plant you wish to have a gardener tend to…
You have hired a gardener to tend to your plant. The gardener will no longer tend to your plant when when server maintenance occurs after the expiration date of your gardening contract. While a gardener is tending to your plant you will not have to care for it.


The plant shown needed to be tended by the character that planted it on 28th February. Gardening contracts last for two weeks and can be used on a plant once every other month. If you have several plants in Magincia, you may buy contracts for as many as you wish.

If the plant you wish to have tended is at the ‘young plant’ stage of growth target the plot below the plant, where your name as planter shows, and not the young plant itself.

contract-plant contract-plot

Targeting the plant will show a contract in place, but when the plant reaches day 7 the contract will be lost.