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Introduced as part of the Rustic Theme Pack 2011 this maintenence free garden is a boon for all keen gardeners.



To place the bed target the cursor at what will be the North West corner of the bed. You may select from four formats.

  • Raised Garden Bed (South) – this is an oblong bed of 6 plots 2 x 3 with the wider (3 plot) edge facing south
  • Raised Garden Bed (East) – this is an oblong bed of 6 plots 2 x 3 with the wider (3 plot) edge facing east
  • Raised Garden Bed (Large)- this is a square bed of 9 plots, 3 x 3
  • Raised Garden Bed (Small) – this is a square bed of four plots, 2 x 2


To plant your seeds simply double click the seed and target one of the plots of the bed. If you have no fertile dirt in your pack the seed will be planted. If, however you are planning to give your plants the benefit of fertile dirt this must be in your main, top level, back pack. The gump below will appear, allowing you the option to use it.



In reality there is no maintenance required. Your seeds will grow exactly as they would in a plant pot, but without the necessity of tending them with water and potions.

Seeds and resources will be produced as normal, 8 of each on those plant types that produce resources and/or seeds. Plants left in the plot beyond this period will remain alive and growing but will produce no additional resources or seeds.

Mature plants can be removed from the garden by selecting to set them ‘decorative’, the plot will be emptied and the decorative plant will be placed in your back pack.

You may remove plants that are not mature from the garden in the same way as removing them from a plant pot, using the ’empty plot’ icon on the plant gump, bottom right corner. This will open the following gump:
abandon_plotAs with a plant in a bowl, if the plant is in the seed or sapling stage, abandoning the plot will result in the seed being placed in your backpack.

If the plant had grown beyond the sapling phase, abandoning the plot will destroy the plant. There is no way to remove a mature plant from the bed except by setting it to ‘decorative’


The bed can be used by the house owner and any co owners of the house.

The house owner can always tend the plants ie, collect seeds and resources and empty the plot, no matter who planted the seed.

If the house owner plants a seed, only characters on the house owning account can tend the plants.

If a co owner plants a seed any character who is on the same account can tend the plant.

Co-owners who are not on the same account as the char that planted the seed cannot tend the plant.