House Ownership – 7. House Add-ons

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Some furniture items made by a carpenter are created in the form of a deed, which becomes the actual item when placed in a house. These are known as ‘add ons’

Most add ons give an orientation choice of ‘East’ or ‘South’. It can sometimes be difficult to determine which of these you require. As a general rule of thumb the longest edge of the item determines the facing, except in the case of beds. In the image below the beds are ‘south’ while the looms and water trough are ‘East’. The items pictured also demonstrate different colors, to learn more about that please read the carpenter essay.


The following items are crafted in deed form:

Anvil Elven Forge Large Forge Small Forge
Arcane Bookshelf* Elven Dresser* Elven Washbasin* Ornate Elven Chest*
Hardwood Table Ornate Table Abbatoir Alchemist Table
Arcane Circle Ballot Box Dartboard Elven Loveseat
Gargish Couch Large Bed Long Table Parrot Perch
Pentagram Rustic Bench Short Table Small Bed
Tall Elven Bed Ter-Mur Style Dresser* Arcanist Statue Squirrel Statue
Warrior Statue Elven Oven Elven Spinning Wheel Flour Mill
Loom Spinning Wheel Stone Oven Water Trough
Pickpocket Dip Training Dummy Soulforge

* Items marked with an asterisk are containers.

To move an add-on, once placed, you must return it to deed form by chopping it with an axe, unless the item is a container. Moving an add-on which is also a container provides two options.

  • Option 1 – convert the container back into a deed.
    First use the command ‘I wish to release this’ – this returns the message (no longer secure)
    Then chop the container with an axe. The deed will be placed in your back pack, but any items that were in the container will be thrown out onto the floor.
    It is therefore recommended that you empty the container when using this option.
  • Option 2 – convert the container into a ‘moving barrel’
    Chop the container with an axe without first releasing it
    The add-on becomes a barrel instead of a deed. If there is room in your back pack the barrel will appear there, if not it will appear in the place the add on stood – however be aware it is not locked down and it is not blessed, it will decay if left.
    The contents of the add-on container(s) are stored inside the barrel
    The barrel acts like an add-on deed, it can not be opened and items can not be added to/removed from/used while inside the barrel.
    Double click it to re-place the container. When the add-on is placed from the barrel, the contents are restored

Some special and holiday items such as Holiday Trees, Reindeer, Sleigh, Mistletoe and the 7th Anniversary Item, Hearth of the Home Fire are also classed as ‘add-ons’. The 8th Anniversary item, Fountain of Life and Year 8 Veteran Reward, Davies Locker are considered to be ‘container house add-ons’.