Stealing from Town Shops

Stealing from town shops is not without dangers, those shop keepers do not want their goods purloined! If an NPC is nearby, and looking towards you, cultivate the patience to wait until they move away or turn their back. Failure to do so may result in your waiting for the crimnal flag to expire before the local healer will resurrect you. You will have been guardwhacked

Of course some NPCs will not move, most notably quest NPCs awaiting an escort. The easiest way to remove these from the area is to either take them to where they wish to go, or less kindly, to take their quest and then abandon it.

In addition to the stealable minor rares listed below you will find in some shops items used in Armor Refinement. These too may be stolen.

Town Shop Rares
baconslab Bacon Slab (2 facings)
bananabunch Banana Bunch (2 facings)
canteloupe Canteloupe
cheesewedge Cheese Wedge
cheesewheel Cheese Wheel
coconut Coconut
coconut1 Coconut (cut)
coconut2 Coconut (halved)
dates Bunch of Dates
gourdg Gourd (green)
gourdy Gourd (Yellow)
lemons Lemons
limes Limes
pumpkin Pumpkin
squash Squash
watermelon Watermelon
Other Shops
bandagereverse Bandage (reversed)
Healer Shop
chisels Chisels
Carpenter Shop
rollingpin Rolling Pin (no charges)
Baker Shop
paintsnbrush Paints and Brush
Artists Shop
whip Whip
Skara Ranger Huts
Smith Shop
forgemetal Forged Metal
copperwire Copper Wire
goldwire Gold Wire
ironwire Iron Wire
silverwire Silver Wire
horseshoe Horseshoes
ingotreverse Iron Ingot (reversed)
Mage Shop
herb1 Dried Flowers
herb2 Dried Flowers
herb3 Dried Onions
herb4 Dried Herbs
Tinker Shop
ashafts Arrow Shafts
toolkit Tinker Kit