To use this skill you must first be hidden, If you start walking while hidden you will automatically attempt to stealth if your skill is 25 or more. The number of steps you may take between skill checks is dependent upon your stealth skill and can be seen in the table below. You will automatically attempt to use the skill again without a delay, allowing continuous movement, however if the check fails you will be revealed and have to hide again before you can continue. Running while stealthing is possible, but only half the number of steps as you can walk and you will become visible when you run out of steps.

Stealth Skill
Max steps possible
10 2
20 4
30 6
40 8
50 10
60 12
70 14
80 16
90 18
100 20
110 22
120 24

Gaining Skill

This is a difficulty based skill, the difficulty being created by the armor you are wearing, the heavier the armor, the harder it is to use Stealth. This means that to gain skill you must gradually wear more armor. In normal clothes you can work your skill up to 65, above that you need to add one piece of studded armor at a time to keep gaining. This armor will usually be discarded once you finish training, so basic npc bought studded armor will suffice.
If you wear too heavy armor you will not be able to stealth. Location also influences the chance of success. In non guarded areas the skill will raise faster.


If someone steps on you when you are in Stealth mode they receive a “You shove something invisible aside” message. They may then use detect hidden skill, tracking skill or the magery spell ‘Reveal’ to locate you.
When stealthing near other people or monsters there is a chance you may be detected. A check is made by comparing the stealthers Stealth and hiding skills versus the other persons or monsters Detect Hidden skill. The passive Detect Hidden range against a character using Stealth is a 4 tile radius. Always remember that you are harder to find when hidden and stationary than when moving. Unless you think you are about to be stepped on, if the 4 tile radius has been breached you are safest to stand and wait for them to move away.

What to Wear When

The following armor is a suggestion only, remember add one piece at a time. After training most characters will choose to wear leather or other medable armor, at 75 stealth skill or higher in such armor you will never fail to stealth, though you could possibly be at a disadvantage when comparing with an opponent’s detect hidden skill.

Stealth Skill Gain

0 – 40 Buy skill from Ryuichi The Ninjitsu Instructor in the Ninjitsu Dojo in New Haven*
40 – 65 Normal Clothes (40 – 50 take the new player quest from Ryuichi)
65 – 95 Full Studded Leather Suit
95 – 100 Full Studded Leather Suit + Close

*Siege Perilous ruleset: use the skill from the skills menu or in game macro ‘use skill – stealth’ while hidden and stationary.