The Sphynx

The Sphynx is a magical creature Found in Malas at Forgotten Pyramid, Lost Lands desert North West of Papua and in Compassion desert Enigma, part of the Elven Heritage quest, is also a sphynx.

The Sphynx will tell your fortune for a fee of 5000 gp, not always with auspicious results.
The effects of the fortune will last approximately 24 hours and can be:



Your endurance shall protect you from your enemies blows. (+1 to +15 Physical Resistance) Your wounds in battle shall run deep. (-1 to -15 Physical Resistance)
A smile will be upon your lips, as you gaze into the infernos. (+1 to +15 Fire Resistance) The fires of the abyss shall tear asunder your flesh. (-1 to -15 Fire Resistance)
The ice of ages will embrace you, and you will embrace it alike. (+1 to +15 Cold Resistance) Winter’s Touch shall be your undoing (-1 to -15 Cold Resistance)
Your blood runs pure and strong. (+1 to +15 Poison Resistance) Your veins will freeze with poison’s chill. (-1 to -15 Poison Resistance)
Your flesh shall endure the power of storms. (+1 to +15 Energy Resistance) The wise will seek to avoid the anger of storms. (-1 to -15 Energy Resistance)
Fate smiles upon you this day. (+1 to +80 Luck) Only fools take risks in fate’s shadow. (-1 to -80 Luck)
The flow of the ether is strong within you. (+1 or more to Mana Regeneration) Your connection with the ether is weak, take heed. (-1 or more to Mana Regeneration)
The power of alchemy shall thrive within you. (+5% to 25% Enhance Potions) The strength of alchemy will fail you. (-5% to 25% Enhance Potions)