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Mondain’s Legacy introduced a new race – the elves. It became possible to choose human or elf when creating a new character. In addition a quest was added enabling existing characters to set aside their humanity and become elven.

The Heritage Quest.

You will need, to complete some parts of the quest, 20 raw fish steaks and a pitcher of water. It is a wise would-be elf who has these things to hand before commencing the quest.

The quest begins, and ends, with Darius the Wise. You will find him in the Lycaeum in Moonglow, which is the far Northwest building. He will begin speaking as you approach him. Listen politely, he has a lot to say.


The next sub-quests can be done in any order.

Arielle – The Joys of Life

Arielle is a pixie found just North of the Spirituality Shrine near a pond (shown on map). She is lighthearted and airy and all she wishes is for you to bring her 3 baubles. The baubles are located just east of her near a blue flowstone. All you need to do is pick up 3 of these magical little stones, mark them as a quest item and return them to Arielle.

This quest is only dangerous for those with negative karma as there are pixies and unicorns flitting about.

Alternatively seek Arielle’s Feluccan counterpart near Sacrifice Shrine, she too requires 3 baubles that can be found nearby, however she has no accompanying pixies and no qualms about conversing with less honorable folk.




Bravehorn – Defending the Herd

Bravehorn, a great hart, is located in a forest area in Trammel, just South by Southeast of the Hedge Maze near the mountain range.

The quest is to lead him to a nearby drinking pond. The pond is located Northeast of his start location and slightly east of the Hedge Maze (marked by the green pin on the map right). This section of the quest also gives gains in Compassion virtue and is often repeated alone for this purpose.



Strongroot – Caretaker of the Land

Strongroot is a Treefellow located East by Southeast of Shame down by Blighted Grove. There is no spawn around Strongroot but danger is not far away. Do not wander.

Strongroot is asking for Sap of Sosaria. This is a small green bottle of sap that spawns on the ground near two Yew Trees located just North of the Yew Graveyard.

To complete this quest you will need to accept the quest from strongroot, find the Sap of Sosaria, mark it as a quest item and then return to him.





Maul the Bear – Seasons

Maul the Bear is located on the peninsula South by Southwest of the dungeon entrace to Ice. Just leave the dungeon entrance and follow the mountains south until you see the peninsula.

Mauls quest requires you to bring him 20 raw fish steaks, which of course you just happen to have in your pack.

Mark your fish steaks as a quest item and receive the Boon of Maul.




Huntsman – The Balance of Nature

The Huntsman is a Centaur located North of the Chaos Shrine in Trammel. The spawn around the area could include an occasional gargoyle or reaper, but most generally is safe.

This will be the hardest part for a crafting character to complete as it involves slaying 15 timber wolves. However it is not beyond the powers of an enterprising and imaginative artisan.

You will need to stay within sight of the huntsman. If you venture too far away from him, he will not see the kill and therefore, it will not count towards your quest.


Enigma – Wisdom of the Sphynx

Enigma is a Sphynx located just South of the Compassion Shrine in Trammel. For non-combatant characters, this will be the hardest to complete because of the surrounding spawn.

Accept the quest (which is a riddle), mark your pitcher of water as a quest item (it is the answer to the riddle) and complete the quest while nimbly avoiding the spawn.


Three lives have I,
Gentle enough to soothe the skin,
Light enough to caress the sky,
Hard enough to crack rocks
What Am I?



All the tasks set by Darius have now been completed, return to him. He will require that you be unmounted and that you divest yourself of all clothing, weapons and jewelry.

At the conclusion of Darius’s quest dialogue you will be offered the chance to become an elf and can set your skin tone, hair style and color in the same way as when creating a new character.