Heritage Quest – Elf to Human

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This counterpart to the quest allowing human characters to become elves allows for the reverse transition, however this quest is considerably more difficult, requiring a much higher level of combat ability

human1 To begin this journey visit Nedrick the Iron Worker, you will find him in Serpent’s Hold on the bridge between the bank location and the main part of the town. Like Darius, he begins to talk to you as you approach, be sure to listen to all he has to say.

Patricus the Trader – Heave Ho!

Patricus is located Near the Majestic Boat shipwright in Vesper, Trammel. Patricus’ task is relatively simple – to deliver 5 crates to Sledge in Buc’s Den. This quest is timed! you have 3600 seconds, ie 1 hour to complete it

You do not have to get the crates, they will be placed into your pack at the time you accept. Sledge’s location in Buc’s Den is shown below.


Sledge the Versatile – Ingenuity

human3 Sledge’s task is to bring him 10 Power Crystals. These are found always on Exodus overseers, Exodus Minions and occasionally on Golems or Controllers.

Belulah the Scorned – All Season Adventurer

Belulah is located in Nujel’m just North of the Bank. Her task is to kill 5 efreets in Fire Dungeon and 5 Ice Fiends in Ice Dungeon. These must be killed in the location specified or the kills will not count. human4

Lissbet the Flower Girl- All Season Adventurer

The next step of the quest is to escort Lissbet. You will find her at the Twin Oaks Tavern in Ilshenar. Her quest is to escort her to a sheep farm Southeast of her location at the Tavern. If you are cursed with negative karma be sure to avoid the pixies and unicorns!

The farm is located north by northwest of the Spirituality Shrine entrance near the mountains.

Once you have escorted her to the sheep farm you are ready for your next step in the elf to human quest.

Elves with a murder count restricting them to Felucca facet may achieve this step through a normal escort quest.


Return to Nedrick in Serpent’s Hold. Like Darius he will require that you dismount and remove all garments and jewelry. You will now be able to choose your skin tone, hair style and color as a newborn human.