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Taking the Quest

Fishing quests are obtained from Fishmongers, these can be found on the docks at

  • Britain
  • Jhelom
  • Moonglow
  • Papua (Serpent Pillars)
  • Sea Market
  • Skara Brae
  • Trinsic
  • Vesper

Your boat (tall ships only) must be nearby, though need not be at the dock. If your ship is not in the water, or not close enough to the dock, the fishmonger will instruct you to bring it closer.

Double click the fishmonger to obtain the quest.

fishquest fishquest2

You must return to your ship to discover what you need to catch and where you should deliver it. You will find a crate in your ship’s hold


This crate is ‘No-Trade’, this means it can not be removed from the hold and, therefore, your ship can not be dry docked. You must sail to your destination. Quitting the quest will remove the crate (together with a note that you have instructed your crew to throw the crate overboard!).

There are 3 main fish groups: inshore, deepwater and dungeon. Look here to find where to fish for your requested catch.


Quests requiring crabs and lobsters are possible at any skill level. To catch them you will need lobster traps, these can be bought from crab fisher NPCs on Sea Market and at Magincia dock. Traps can be deployed inshore or in deepwater but must be a minimum of 5 tiles from the shore. Some dungeon waters also have enough depth for traps. Traps should be watched carefully and hauled in (double clicked) when they begin to bob, they have an annoying and regrettably frequent tendency to bob once and sink. When this happens the trap is lost, although risking the loss and allowing traps to bob several times can increase the chance of obtaining a rare variety. As a rough guide it is usually possible to cast with a fishing pole 5 times between deploying the trap and seeing it bob.


  • Order of the Dragon fish Handbook- parts 1 – 6
    • These list the fish that can be caught in each location type together with a brief, and often amusing, description of the fish. Volume 4 being ‘Crustaceans’
  • Bait mugs
    • These contain varying amounts of bait for catching rare fish. They will increase your chances of catching such a fish, provided you are fishing in the correct spawning area.
    • A correlation between the fish delivered and the number of bait in the mug was discovered by Chrome:
      Crab and Lobster: *0.5
      Inshore fish: *0.5
      Deepwater fish: *1.0
      Dungeon fish: *1.5
      Example: A delivery of 10 Orc Bass (a dungeon fish) will gain a bait mug of 15 baits.
    • Bait mugs of the same fish bait may be combined by double clicking one and targeting the other. These may be differing quantities.
    • As your fishing experience builds you will gain bait for different rare fish
      Basic Level Advanced Level
      Great barracuda
      Yellow Barracuda
      Giant Koi
      Autumn Dragonfish
      Holy Mackerel
      Fairy Salmon
      Stone Crab
      Reaper Fish
      Unicorn Fish
      Bull Fish
      Summer Dragonfish
      Blue Lobster
      Lava Fish
  • Special Fishing Equipment
    • A lava lobster trap lava_lobster_trap
    • A lava fishing hook lava_hook
    • A dredging hook dredging_hook can dredge strange objects from the sea bed
    • A junk proof hook junkproof_hookprevents the catching of footwear
      Hooks will last for 50 casts and show deteriorating condition:

      • New
      • Excellent
      • Very Good
      • Good
      • Fair
      • Worn
    • Oracle of the Seas – Used to find charybdis. The location is good for 1 hour. Locating the monster consumes a charge, fish oil made by a chef can be used to bring the charges back. (also craftable by a tinker)
    • Charybdis bait – Used on a fishing pole at the location identified by the Oracle of the Seas to draw Charybdis to the surface. (also craftable by a cook)
  • Fishing Power Scrolls

Paintings, barrel staves and other items similar to those found when fishing at the location of a recent shipwreck (SoS) have a chance to be fished up with a dredging hook. Sadly there is no message to tell where these ships sank and the items have lain on the sea bed much longer, becoming barnacle encrusted; a variety of deep sea sponges and shells can also be brought to the surface by this hook. No barnacle encrusted items will be found at a more recent wreck, a dredging hook should not be used when fishing in SoS locations.

sponges shells


Lava hooks are known to catch cracked lava rocks, stone footwear, paving stones and some times mysterious weapons. Lava rocks, when hit with an axe or hatchet, split to reveal black lava rocks, or sometimes Geodes or Geode shards. Beware of the footwear, if you put it on you will be unable to move!

pavers geode