Fishing in the High Seas

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Fishing takes on a new dimension in the High Seas Booster. Quests can be taken from fishmongers on town docks. Common, plain ‘fish’ are still caught by training fishermen, though with lessening frequency, up to approximately 80 skill. Unnamed crabs and lobsters can also be caught at low levels.

Inshore fish can be caught in shallow water, or deeper water close to the shoreline. Lobster pots must be at least 5 tiles from shore.

Uncommon Fish
Fish Type Inshore Fishing
Order of the Dragonfish
Handbook Part 1
Deepwater Fishing
Order of the Dragonfish
Handbook Part 2
Dungeon Fishing
Order of the Dragonfish
Handbook Part 3
Green Catfish Amberjack Captain Snook Mahi-Mahi Drake Fish
Pike Bonefish Tarpon Yellowfin Tuna Crag Snapper Grim Cisco Tormented Pike
Redbelly Bream Bluegill Sunfish Pumpkinseed Sunfish Blue Grouper Cape Cod Red Grouper Dungeon Chub Darkfish
Kokanee Salmon Rainbow Trout Yellow Perch Bonito Cobia Gray Snapper Red Drum Shad Cutthroat Trout Demon Trout Infernal Tuna
fish_brown Smallmouth Bass Red Snook
fish_blue Uncommon Shiner Black Seabass Lurker Fish
fish_green Brook Trout Bluefish Haddock Orc Bass
fish_yellow Walleye Snaggletooth Bass
Order of the Dragonfish Handbook Part 4
lobster Crusty Lobster Fred Lobster Hummer Lobster LobsterRock Lobster Shovel-Nose Lobster Spiney Lobster
crab Apple Crab Blue Crab Dungeoness Crab King Crab Rock Crab Snow Crab

Ceramic mugs of bait for the rare fish can be obtained as quest rewards from fishmongers. The number of bait in the mug varies and appears to increase as the character gains fishing knowledge. Enchanted Sea Creatures can be baked in pies by cooks, these pies give a variety of bonuses, only one pie type may be active at a time. Enchanted Sea Creatures and Rare Sea Creatures can be made into trophies using taxidermy kits.

Enchanted Sea Creatures
Order of the Dragonfish Handbook Part 5
Fish Type Location
Autumn Dragonfish Ilshenar
blue_lobsterBlue Lobster Dungeon (Ice)
Bull Fish Dungeon (Labyrinth)
Crystal Fish Dungeon (Prism of Light)
Fairy Salmon All Depths (Ter Mur) deepwater is reached from the long pier at Fishermans Reach
Fire Fish Dungeon (Shame)
Giant Koi Deepwater (Tokuno)
Great Barracuda Deepwater (Felucca)
Holy Mackeral Gravewater Lake (Malas)
Lava Fish Stygian Abyss or Underworld (Ter Mur) In water or in Lava (with lava pole)
Reaper Fish Doom (Malas)
spider_crabSpider Crab Terrathon Keep
stone_crabStone Crab Lost Lands
Summer Dragonfish Dungeon (Destard)
Unicorn Fish Dungeon (Twisted Weald)
Yellowtail Barracuda Deepwater (Trammel inc Lost Lands)


Rare Sea Creatures
Order of the Dragonfish Handbook Part 6
Fish Type Location
Abyssal Dragonfish Dungeon (Destard)
Black Marlin Deepwater (Felucca)
blood_lobsterBlood Lobster Dungeon (Shame)
Blue Marlin Deepwater (Trammel)
dread_lobsterDread Lobster Dungeon (Doom)
Dungeon Pike Dungeon (Terathon Keep)
Giant Samurai Fish Deepwater (Tokuno)
Golden Tuna Deepwater (Tokuno)
Kingfish Deepwater (Trammel or Felucca)
Lantern Fish
Dungeon (Prism of Light)
Rainbow Fish Dungeon (Twisted Weald)
Seeker Fish Dungeon (Labyrinth)
Spring Dragonfish Ilshenar
Stone Fish Deepwater (Lost Lands, Trammel)
tunnel_crabTunnel Crab Dungeon (Underworld)
void_crab Void Crab Ter Mur
void_lobsterVoid Lobster Stygian Abyss Lava
Winter Dragonfish Ice Dungeon
Zombie Fish Gravewater Lake (Malas)