Discovering Animal Training

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In the stables all around Sosaria Animal Trainers have appeared. They offer a tutorial quest which also gives a reward title deed, the Ethologist.

Discovering Animal Training

Quest Chain 1

Years of patience and meticulous study have paid Off! New Animal Training techniques have been discovered! Animal tamers may now train their pets, teaching them new ways to fight and survive! The first step is to tame a creature. Find a creature in the wild, and using your animal taming skill – tame it!

When you tame a creature you will here the sound of the completed quest and receive the message ‘Well done! Now that you have your pet it is time to start training’ return to the Trainer to hear your next instruction.

Quest Chain 2

Now that your pet is tame, you must begin the training process. Pets will train while they are engaged in combat, and will progress as they battle other creatures. Pets train best against wild creatures, and will learn the most from the fiercest creatures in the realm! There is a limit to how much a pet can learn from a single foe, so make sure your pet has fresh adversaries!

When you are ready to begin the training process, use the Animal Lore skill on your pet and select “Begin Animal Training” When your pet has completed the training process you can teach them new ways to fight and survive!

It will take some time to complete this aspect of the quest. Use the ‘pet power hour’ to help, and if possible work with other tamers engaged on the same journey. Many pets attacking together can engage a fiercer enemy, and many tamers healing the pet at the forefront of the affray will allow it to survive the encounter. On completion you will again here the quest completion sound and will receive the message’ Well done! Now that your pet has begun the Animal Training process return to the Animal Trainer to learn more about the next steps’

Quest Chain 3

Now that the pet has fully trained, it is time to teach it something new! Use the Animal Lore skill on your pet and select “Pet Training Options” The Animal Training menu lists all of the available training properties you can apply to the pet.

The Categories pane shows the category of available properties

Stats and Resists allow you to increase individual Stat and Resist properties for the pet.

Increase Magic Skill Caps and Increase Combat Skill Caps allow you to increase skill caps for various magical and combat related skills. This process requires the use of Power Scrolls and only increases the skill cap, you will still need to train the pet in the specific skill through traditional pet skill training.

Magical Abilities allow you to give the pet magical abilities in one of several spell schools.

Special Abilities allow you to give the pet special abilities, different than those traditionally found as weapon special moves.

Special Moves allow you to give the pet an area attack, targeting multiple adversaries with an area.
When you train your pet, the number of control slots the pet requires will increase. The maximum number of control slots any pet can have is 5, however individual pets have maximum control slots they can be trained to.

A pet can only learn so much during each training level. As you mix and match properties from the Animal Training Menu, the amount of available training points witll decrease based on your selections. Different property selections have different weights.

Each training category is restricted in how much a pet can learn. Pets can learn 1 school of magic, 1 special ability, 2 special moves and 1 area efffect. A pet may learn a maximum of 3 total overall from any combination within those limits.

When you are ready to apply a new property to your pet, select “Train Pet” and confirm you are ready to do so! Remember! All training is final, so be sure you are training the creature the way you wish it to be trained!

You have Discovered Animal Training! Train new pets and mix and match properties to create unique variations of pets to take into battle! Good Luck, Animal Trainer!