Elder Dugan The Prospector

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Senior of the pioneers in the early part of Underworld is Elder Dugan


The Elder offers the adventurer two quests:


Search the Underworld for the lost adventurers. Either bring word of their progress or evidence of their fate to Elder Dugan.

You must find 4 Ariel Haven writs of Membership. Leave the elder and make your way back towards the entrance till you reach the swampy area. There you will find the tragic remains of the elder’s companions. The writs will be recovered by killing the creatures around the bodies.


Returning to the Elder, she will reward you with a Candlewood Torch this item is blessed and has the properties ‘spellchanneling’ and ‘faster casting -1’.

Elder Dugan’s second quest is only offered after you have rescued Neville Brightwhistle Last of the elder’s pioneers.

Ending the Threat

Travel into the Stygian Abyss and kill gray goblins until they are subdued and will not attack the settlers anymore.
You will need to kill 10 gray goblins to complete this quest.

While it is possible to kill gray goblins in the Abyss, where they form part of the enslaved goblin mini champ spawn, they can also be found in the Northern part of Underworld, in the area that Neville is rescued from.

The reward for successful completion of this quest is a bag of treasure.