Neville Brightwhistle Quest

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This seemingly simple escort quest requires the questor to escort poor, lost Neville Brightwhistle to safety.
Note: This quest may only be done once per character

Find Neville Deep in Underworld, in the realm of the gray goblins and guarded by wolf spiders.


Here is his tale of woe:


Neville must be lead through the passages and past the monsters to his destination, he will follow his escort through the various teleporters, which helps to shorten the route. Neville will not be attacked along the way, the questor, however, will. To escort Neville to safety follow the route marked with yellow dots on the map below:


Your journey ends when you reach Elder Duggan, however it would appear that the elder is somewhat shortsighted and it may be necessary to approach him several times before he notices your arrival


Speak to the Elder to receive your reward, a talisman of goblin slaying.