Entrance to Blighted Grove

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This quest teaches the quester to make the item ‘bone machete’, needed to gain access to Blighted Grove. For this reason it must be undertaken by a character with at least GM Blacksmith skill.  All items required are transferable and may be obtained for the quester by other characters if necessary.


Begin the quest chain by talking to Jamal the Fisherman outside Blighted Grove. He is trying to gather poisoned water from under a tainted tree but can’t cut the roots of the tree.

Jamal asks you to take a tainted tree sample to Iosep the Exporter in Jhelom.
Iosep deduces that he needs something hard, but workable, to cut the sample. He asks you to bring him 4 rocks and 2 blue diamonds. These can only be obtained by a  GM miner who has read the book on how to obtain stone.

Mark the items as ‘quest items’ through use of your character’s context menu and return to Iosep. He will fail to cut the tree  sample with them and ask you to fetch 10 bark fragments. These are obtained by a GM lumberjack.


Mark the fragments as a quest item and return to Iosep. The fragments are destroyed, Iosep has run out of ideas and asks you to bring him 10 ‘workable samples’. Take him 10 bones, these can be obtained by killing shadow wisps, zombies or giant serpents and cutting up any  bones that they have as loot with scissors.

Success! Iosep is able to fashion something from the bones. He gives you some sealed notes to take to Jamal.

Jamal will now teach you how to make a bone machete NOTE: If your character has blacksmithing over GM you will get a message which appears to say you failed to learn, this can be ignored

It is now possible to enter the grove, Jamal asks you to bring him some samples of poisoned water. Use your newly learned  skill to make a bone machete with which to enter the grove and collect the samples. Although these spawn on the floor and can simply be picked up it would be unwise to undertake this part of the quest with a pure crafter, however the items are transferable and can be obtained by a more battle ready character. Mark the items as quest items to receive a bag of treasure from Jamal.