Fiddling Tobin the Tinkerer

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Done in the Name of Tinkering


Fiddler Tobin is found in the rooms close to the entrance of Underworld, his quest will allow you to place floor traps.

Tobin1 tobin2

The traps are found in three locations, it is possible, despite Tobin’s instructions, to find the traps without detect hidden, though that method is a little painful. You will, however be unable to remove them without the remove trap skill. Telekinesis spell will not work for this task.

Location No. 1

Location No. 2

Location No. 3


If successful in your use of remove trap skill you will obtain the floor trap components. floor_trap_components

Return to Tobin with the 5 requested floor trap components, he will reward you with an equal number of floor trap kits.


Being human, Tobin has no loyalty to the gargoyle queen and therefore no loyalty is achieved through this quest.

It is unlikely that the character which obtained these items can place them, as placing the traps requires tinkering skill