King Vernix Quest

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Vernix, king of the Green Goblins, offers a chain of two quests, the second considerably harder to achieve than the first.

Untangling the Web

The first qvernix1uest, Untangling the Web is a straight forward monster slay quest requiring the slaying of 12 acid creatures.

Although Vernix asks you to fill jars there are no actual jars given or received.

Acid Slugs, either the orange ones found near Underworld entrance or green ones which form part of the Passage of Tears mini-champ in the Stygian Abyss, will count towards this quest .

Acid elementals, another creature of the Passage of Tears mini-champ can also be killed to gain credit, or any combination of the two.

The reward for this quest is an acid popper.

Acid_PopperThis item can be used when undertaking the second quest.

Green with Envy

Killing Navrey Night-Eyes is no easy task, but note that it is proof of her death that is required for the quest. The character that kills her need not be the character that undertook the quest. The proof needed is an eye.

The acid popper that was the reward from the first quest can be used to release the hold of Navrey’s webs, but only once.

Look carefully among the items in Navrey’s corpse, the eye is small and easily missed.

Eye_of_Navrey_Night-EyesThe Eye of Navrey Night-Eyes

Return to Vernix with the eye marked as a quest item to receive your reward, a large bag of treasure.

Note: What Vernix considers to be ‘treasure’ may not be what the questor considers it to be.