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Percolem can be found in Royal City,Ter Mur in the little market area. He gives a series of tiered quests. You must complete a set number of each tier before you may move on to the next, each tier also has a cooldown period between quests. Begin with Tier 1, for which there is no qualifying requirement. All of these quests are repeatable.


All the creatures required for these quests are found in either Ter Mur itself or the Stygian Abyss. The two maps linked below will help you to locate them.

Stygian Abyss and Ter Mur .

To advance up the tiers you must complete a specific amount of quests:

  • Tier 1 – Complete 5 of these quests, cooldown 30 minutes. This allows you to move on to:
  • Tier 2 – Complete 10 of these quests, cooldown 2 hours. This allows you to move on to:
  • Tier 3 – Cooldown 24 hours
Tier 1
Boura, Boura
Objective: Kill 20 ruddy boura or 15 lowland boura.

Map: Ter Mur

Ruddy Boura can be found in the area to the far north, west of the desert, both Ruddy Boura and Lowland Boura can be found in the area east of the city, beyond the river and north of the Eastern Refuge.

Objective: Kill 20 raptors.

Map: Ter Mur

Raptors can be found in three locations in southern Ter-Mur. 1) directly south from Royal City, beyond the flight tower. 2 and 3 the islands reached by bridges from Holy City.

They will also sometimes spawn when pulling weeds in Farmer Nash’s field.

The Slith Wars
Objective: Kill 20 sliths.

Map: Ter Mur

Sliths can be found to the east, over the river and to the north near Fisherman Village.

Reward (each quest in the tier)
A Dusty Adventurer’s Backpack containing:

  • a book,
  • 20 magical residue
  • 3 magic items
  • 2-3 gems
  • about 2000gp
Tier 2
Boura, Boura, and more Boura
Objective: Kill 20 high plains boura.

Map: Ter Mur

The high plains boura can be found North of the city, south of the river and in the far North, west of the Desert.

Revenge of the Slith
Objective: Kill 20 toxic sliths.

Map: Ter Mur

Toxic sliths can be found all over  Eastern Ter-Mur.

We’ve Got an Ant Problem
Objective: Kill 20 fire ants.

Map: Abyss

Fire ants are a part of the mini-champ system and spawn during the first level of Lava Caldera (1 on the map) Fire Temple Ruins (4 on the map) and Crimson Veins (13 on the map)

Ambushing the Ambushers
Objective: Kill 20 kepetch ambushers.

Map: Ter Mur

Kepetch ambushers lurk underground in the desert and near the bridge at the north east of Royal City. A snake-like hissing sound betrays their presence but only when they attack will you see them.

Reward (each quest in the tier)

A Dusty Explorer’s Backpack containing:

  • a book
  • 10 enchanted essence
  • 4 magic items
  • 2 gems
  • around 4000gp
  • possiblity of:
    • Miner gems
    • white pearls
    • brilliant ambers
    • parasitic plants
    • luminescent fungis.
Tier 3
It Makes Me Sick
Objective: Kill 20 putrid undead gargoyles.

Map: Ter Mur

These are part of the nightly spawn in Holy City.

It’s a Mad, Mad World
Objective: Kill 20 maddening horrors.

Map: Abyss

Maddening horrors spawn only in the abyss close to the bridge leading to Medusa.

The Dreamers
Objective: Kill 20 dream wraiths.

Dream wraiths spawn on level 4 of the Primeval Lich champion spawn. There are two entrances to this pvp champion area, one is marked with a green no. 1 on the Abyss map, the other is from Level 4 of Deceit Dungeon in Felucca.


Reward (each quest in the tier)

A Dusty Hunter’s Backpack containing:

  • a book
  • 1 relic fragment
  • 5 magic items
  • around 5000gp
  • possiblity of:
    • Miner gems
    • white pearls
    • brilliant ambers
    • parasitic plants
    • luminescent fungis.