The Royal City Barter Quests

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A number of quest givers in the Royal City will exchange items for imbuing ingredients.

Ansikart the Artificer


First of these is Ansikart, one of the imbuing instructors at the city’s soulforge. His offer ‘A little Something’ is the exchange of one Brilliant Amber.The reward is a ‘Meager Imbuing Bag’, examples of items it may contain are Slith Tongue, Boura Pelt, Goblin Blood or Reflective Wolf Eye.




Aliabeth The Tinker

Aliabeth can be found in the Tinker shop a step or two East from the city soulforge, she is far from home, as she is a human girl.


aliabeth4 Aliabeth offers two exchange quests. The first is ‘The Exchange’ Aliabeth requires 5 White Chocolates and a Dark Sapphire.

In exchange she will give an ‘Average Imbuing Bag’ containing a single imbuing ingredient. The quest also gives 35 loyalty points

Examples of the likely content are Spider Carapace or Silver Snake Skin.


The second of Aliabeth’s quests is ‘A Worthy Proposition’.

The ‘Valuable Imbuing Bag’ is obtained in exchange for 10 Bamboo Flutes and one Elven Fletching. The quest also gives 50 loyalty points

Possible contents of the bag are Undying Flesh or Daemon Claw.




Sliem The Fence

Hidden away in the North West corner of the city, beyond the museum and up the steps, you will find Sliem the Fence.



sliem1 Sliem’s quest is called ‘Unusual Goods’.

As with many shady characters there is some doubt as to the relative value of the items exchanged, but for a prolific miner with no stomach for the dangers of the Abyss his offer might have some appeal.

In exchange for 2 Perfect Emeralds and a Crystalline Blackrock, Sliem will give an Essence Box containing one, random, Essence.This quest also gives 75 loyalty points