Artifacts – Craftable, Minor

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Weapon artifacts can be crafted with runic tools, thereby adding runic bonuses, crafted in colored metals or imbued. Magic Jewelry artifacts can also be imbued but are different to weapons and listed below

Fixed stats
Magekiller Assassin Spike Fencing One Amber Hit mana leech 16%
Charged Assassin Spike Fencing One Citrine Hit lightning 10%
True Leafblade Fencing One Diamond Poison resist 5%
Wounding Assassin Spike Fencing One Emerald Hit harm 15%
Luckblade Fencing One Pearl Luck 20
Magekiller leafblade Fencing One Ruby Hit mana leech 16%
True Assassin Spike Fencing One Sapphire Hci 4% di 4%
True War Cleaver Fencing Two Amber Hpr2 di 4%
Serrated War Cleaver Fencing Two Citrine Di 7%
True Spellblade Fencing Two Diamond Sc -1fc
Knight’s War Cleaver Fencing Two Emerald Hpr 3
Spellblade of defence Fencing Two Pearl Dci 5%
Fiery Spellblade Fencing Two Ruby Fire Resist 5%
Icy Spellblade Fencing Two Turquoise Cold Resist 5%
Butcher’s War Cleaver Fencing Two Turquoise Bovine Slayer
Leafblade of Ease Fencing* One Emerald UBWS
Silver-etched Mace Mace One Diamond Undead slayer
Emerald Mace Mace One Emerald Poison Resist 5%
Ruby Mace Mace One Ruby Di 5%
Sapphire Mace Mace One Sapphire Energy resist 5%
Bone machete Swords One 6 bones +1 each resist
Machete of Defence Swords One Amber Dci 5%
True Radiant Scimitar Swords One Amber nightsight
Diseased Machete Swords One Blight Hit Poison Area 25%
Adventurer’s machete Swords One pearl Luck 20
Darkglow Scimitar Swords One Sapphire Hit dispel 10%
Icy Scimitar Swords One Sapphire Hit harm 15%
Twinkling Scimitar Swords One Sapphire Dci 6%
Orcish Machete Swords One Scourge Intel – 5 di 10%
Singing Axe Swords Two Amber +5 music
Runeblade of Knowledge Swords Two Citrine Sdi 5%
Thundering Axe Swords Two Citrine Hit lightning 10%
Corrupted Rune Blade Swords Two Corruption Phys resist – 5%, poison Resist + 12%
Guardian Axe Swords Two Diamond Hpi 4, hpr 1
Mage’s Rune Blade Swords Two Diamond Fc1
Heavy Ornate Axe Swords Two Turquoise Di 8%
Runesabre Swords Two Turquoise Resist spells +5% mageweapon -29%
Assassins Shortbow Archery Two Sapphire Hci 3% di 4%
Barbed Longbow Archery Two Ruby Rpd 12%
Frozen Longbow Archery Two Turquoise Ssi -5% di 10%
Lightweight Shortbow Archery Two Pearl balanced
Longbow of might Archery Two Diamond Di 5%
Mystical Shortbow Archery Two Citrine SC -1
Ranger’s Shortbow Archery Two Emerald Ssi 5%
Slayer Longbow Archery Two Amber Random Slayer

Jewelry, created by a Tinker will have one, only, of the properties listed, except in the case of White Pearl Bracelet, which has nightsight plus one other property

Blue Diamond Ring Lower Reagent Cost 10%
Faster Casting Recovery 2
Spell Damage Increase 3 to 5%
faster cast 1 (Rare)
Brilliant Amber Bracelet Lower Reagent Cost 10 %
Faster Cast Recovery 2
Spell Damage Increase 3 to 5%
Faster cast 1(rare)
Dark Sapphire Bracelet Cold Resist 10%
Mana Regeneration +2 (Rare)
Ecru Citrine Ring Strength Bonus +5 to +7
Enhance Potions 50% (Uncommon)
Fire Ruby Bracelet Fire Resist 10%
Hit Point Regeneration +2 (Rare)
Perfect Emerald Ring Poison Resist 10%
Lower Mana Cost 5% (Rare)
Turquoise Ring Damage Increase 15% or
Swing Speed Increase 5% (Rare)
White Pearl Bracelet Night Sight plus either
Lower Reagent Cost (5% or 10%) or
Luck (25 or 40)