Armor Artifacts

Where the source is shown in red the item is no longer spawning. Some have a Blackthorn alternative which occupies the same armor slot but is not the same item type. Can be worn by: indicated by (H) human, (E) elf, (G) gargoyle, (GV) drop included  a gargoyle version, (GC)Gargoyle if converted




Aegis of Grace Dragon helm (H) or Circlet (E) ML Minor
Aloron’s Armor  4 piece Tiger Pelt Suit (H)(E)  Set Items
Ancient Farmer’s Kasa Kasa (H)(E) ToT lesser
Ancient Samurai helm Samurai helm (H)(E) 7th Anniversary (Heritage Token)
Ancient Samurai Do Do (H)(E) ToT lesser
Animated Legs of the Insane Tinker Plate Legs (H)(E) Stygian Abyss
Anthropomorphist Glasses Glasses (H)(E)(GC) Library Collection
Armor of Fortune Studded Tunic (H)(E) Doom Gauntlet
Arms of Tactical Excellence Hiro Sode (H)(E) ToT lesser
Assassin Set 4 piece Leather Suit (H)(E) Set Items
Basilisk Hide Breastplate Dragon Breastplate (H)(E) Stygian Abyss
Bestial Suit 4 piece Suit (H)(E) Clean Up
Black Lotus Hood Ninja Hood (H)(E) ToT lesser
Bracers of Alchemical Devastation Bone Arms(H)(E)/Gargish Leather Arms (G) Exodus Encounter
Bramble Coat Wooden Chest(E) Craftable Artifact
Breastplate of the Berserker Gargish Plate chest (G) Stygian Abyss
Brightsight Lenses Glasses(H)(E)(GC) ML Minor
Britches of Warding Chainmail Legs(H)(E)(GC)
Craftable Artifact
Bronzed Armor of the Valkyrie Studded Bustier(H)(E) Treasure (sunken)
Burglar’s Bandana Bandana (H)(E) Paragon/Chest Minor
Captain John’s Hat Tricorn Hat(H)(E) Replica
Cast off Zombie Skin Gargish Leather Arms (G) Stygian Abyss
Clockwork Leggings Human(H)(E)/Gargish Plate Legs (G) Exodus Encounter
Corrupted Paladin Vambraces Plate Arms (H)(E) (G) Treasures of the  Arch Lich
Cowl of the Mace and Shield Cowl (H)(E)  Craftable Artifact
Crown of Arcane Temperment Circlet (H)(E) SA Stealable
Crown of Tal’Keesh Bandana(H)(E) Replica
Cuffs of the Arch Mage Bone Arms(H)(E)(GC) Craftable Artifact
Daimyo’s Helm Platemail Battle Kabuto(H)(E) ToT lesser
Darden’s Armor  5 piece Dragon Scoot Set (H)(E)  Set Items
Darkwood Set 5 piece wooden suit (E) Craftable Artifact
Death’s Essence Set 5 piece leather+bone helm (H)(E) Set Items
Divine Countenance Tribal Mask(H)(E) Doom Gauntlet
Dread Pirate Hat Tricorn Hat(H)(E) Chest Minor
Elegant Collar of Fortune Collar(H)(E)  Craftable Artifact
Elven Leafweave Set 4 piece wooden suit (E) Set Items
Enchanted Kelp Leggings Leather Leggings(H)(E) Treasure (sunken)
Fey Leggings (Elf) Chainmail Leggings(E) ML Minor
Fey Leggings (Human) Chainmail Leggings (H) ML Peerless
Fisherman’s Suit 4 piece Suit (H)(E)(GV) Clean Up
Folded Steel Reading Glasses Glasses H)(E)(GC) Library Collection (Blackthorn Alternate)
Gargish Kilt of the Archlich Kilt (G) Treasures of the  Arch Lich
Gauntlets of Anger Plate Gloves (H)(E) Replica
Gauntlets of Nobility Leather Gloves(H)(E) Doom Gauntlet
Gauntlets of Virtue Bane Bone Arms(H)(E) Event Arc
General Lethe’s Epaulettes Epaulettes (H)(E)(GV) Treasures of: the Undead Lords,the Arch Lich
Giant Steps Gargish Stone Leggings (G) Stygian Abyss
Gladiator’s Collar Plate Gorget (H)(E) Replica
Gloves of The Archlich Bone Gloves (H)(E) Treasures of the  Arch Lich
Gloves of Feudal Grip Dragon Armor Gloves (H)(E) (GC)  Craftable Artifact
Gloves of the Pugilist Leather Gloves(H)(E) Paragon/Chest Minor
Gloves of the Sun Ninja Mitts (H)(E) ToT lesser
Greymist Armor set 4 piece Leather suit (H)(E) Set Items
Gypsy Headdress Skull Cap (H)(E) Museum Collection
Hat of the Magi Wizard’s Hat (H)(E) Doom Gauntlet
Heart of the Lion Plate Chest (H)(E) Paragon/Chest Minor
Helm of Insight Plate Helm (H)(E) Doom Gauntlet
Helm of Swiftness Helm (H)(E) ML Minor
Helm of Vengence Norse Helm (H)(E) High Seas
Holy Knight’s Breastplate Plate Body (H)(E) Doom Gauntlet
Hunter’s Garb Set 4 Piece Wooden suit (H)(E) Set Items
Hunter’s Headdress Deer Mask (H)(E) Doom Gauntlet
Inquisitor’s Resolution Plate Gloves (H)(E) Doom Stealable
Ironwood Crown Raven Helm (E) Craftable Artifact
Jackal’s Collar Plate Gorget (H)(E) Doom Gauntlet
Jester Hat of Chuckles Jester Hat (H)(E) Museum Collection
Kasa of the Raj-In Kasa (H)(E) ToT Greater
Keeonean’s Chain Mail Chainmail Tunic (H)(E) Museum Collection
Knight’s Armor 6 piece Plate Suit (H)(E) Clean Up
Leather Armor 5 piece suit (H)(E) Zoo Collection
Leggings of Bane Chain Leggings (H)(E) Doom Gauntlet
Legs of Stability Plate Suneate (H)(E) ToT Lesser
Leurocian’s Mempo of Fortune Mempo (H)(E) ToT Lesser
Leviathan Hide Bracers Leather Sleeves (H)(E) High Seas
Light of the Way Reading Glasses Glasses (H)(E)(GC) Library Collection
Lord Morphius’s Epaulettes Epaulettes (H)(E)(GV) Treasures of:the Undead Lords , ,the Arch Lich
Lyrical Reading Glasses Glasses (H)(E)(GC) Library Collection
Mace and Shield Reading Glasses Glasses(H)(E)(GC) Library Collection (Blackthorn Alternate)
Mage’s Hood of Scholarly Insight Hood (H)(E) Craftable Artifact
Mantle of the Fallen Gargish Cloth Shirt (G) Stygian Abyss
Maritime Reading Glasses Glasses(H)(E)(GC) Library Collection
Mark of Travesty Tribal Mask(H)(E) Travesty
Mark of Wildfire Tribal Mask(H)(E) Treasures of Wildfire
Mask of Khal Ankur Mask (H)(E)(GV) Treasures of Khaldun
Midnight Bracers Bone Arms (H)(E) Doom Gauntlet
Minax’s Armor Studded Armor (H)(E) Museum Collection
Monstrous Interred Grizzle Set 5 piece bone armor (H)(E) Monstrous Interred Grizzle
Myrmidon Armor Set 6 piece Studded Suit (H)(E) Set Items
Nectomantic Reading Glasses Glasses (H)(E)(GC) Library Collection
Night Eyes Glasses (H)(E)(GC) Navrey Night-eyes (Blackthorn Alternate)
Nystul’s Wizard’s Hat Wizard Hat (H)(E) Museum Collection
Orc Chieftain Helm Orc Helm (H)(E) Replica
Orcish Visage Orc Helm (H)(E) Paragon/Chest Minor
Ornate Crown of the Harrower Bone Helm (H)(E) Doom Gauntlet
Plate of Honor Set 6 piece Plate Suit (H)(E) Set Items
Platemail Armor 6 piece suit (H)(E) Zoo Collection
Poisoned Reading Glasses Glasses (H)(E)(GC) Library Collection
Polar Bear Mask Bear Mask (H)(E) Paragon/Chest Minor
Prismatic Lenses Glasses (H)(E)(GV) Covetous
Protector of the Battle Mage Leather Tunic (H)(E) Stygian Abyss
Reading Glasses of the Arts Glasses (H)(E)(GC) Library Collection
Reading Glasses of the Trades Glasses (H)(E)(GC) Library Collection
Royal Leggings of Embers Plate Legs (H)(E) 7th Anniversary (Heritage Token)
Rune Beetle Carapace Do (H)(E) ToT Greater (Blackthorn Alternate)
Scholar’s Halo Bandana (H)(E) Doom Gauntlet
Scouts Armor Set 6 piece Leather Suit (H)(E) Clean Up
Serpent’s Skin Wing Armor Wing Armor (G) Treasures of Fey Wrath
Shadow Dancer Leggings Leather Leggings (H)(E) Doom Gauntlet
Shroud of Deceit Bone Tunic (H)(E) Replica
Solaria’s Secret Poisons Earrings (H)(E)(GV) Treasures of Wildfire, Treasures of Fey Wrath
Song Woven Mantle Leaf Sleeves (E) Craftable Artifact
Sorcerer Armor Set 6 piece leather + wizard hat (H)(E) Clean Up
Spell Woven Britches Leaf Leggings (E) Craftable Artifact
Spined Bloodworm Bracers Cloth Arms (G) Stygian Abyss
Spirit of the Totem Bear Mask (H)(E) Doom Gauntlet
Stitcher’s Mittens Leaf Gloves (E) Craftable Artifact
Stone Arms of Virtue Bane Stone Arms (G) Event Arc
Stormgrip Ninja Mitts (H)(E) ToT Greater
Studded Armor 5 piece suit (H)(E) Zoo Collection
Summoner’s Kilt Gargish Cloth Kilt (G) Stygian Abyss
Treasures and Trinkets Reading Glasses Glasses(H)(E)(GC) Library Collection
Tunic of Fire Chainmail Tunic (H)(E) Doom Gauntlet
Unforgiven Vail Wing Armor (G) Despise (Covetous on Siege)
Violet Courage Female Plate Chest (H)(E) Paragon/Chest Minor
Virtue Armor 7 pieces + cloak of Humility (H)(E) Virtue Artifacts
Virtuoso Suit 4 piece Suit (H)(E)(GV) Clean Up
Voice of the Fallen King Leather Gorget (H)(E) Doom Gauntlet
Void Infused Kilt Plate Kilt (G) Stygian Abyss
Wamap’s Bone Earrings Earrings (H)(E)(GV) Valley of Eodon
Warded Demonbone Bracers Bone Arms (H)(E) Event Arc
Wardens Armor of Augmentation Wing Armor (G) Event Arc
Wing Armor of Light Wing Armor (G) Treasures of Fey Wrath
Wizard’s Crystal Reading Glasses Glasses (H)(E)(GC) Library Collection