Bow Artifacts

Where the source is shown in red the item is no longer spawning




Abhorence Crossbow BMV Ararat
Blight Gripped Longbow Elven Composite Longbow Craftable Artifact
Blight of the Tundra Composite Bow Covetous
Bow of the Juka King Bow Paragon/chest
Bow of Infinite Swarm Composite Bow Doom Gauntlet
Faerie Fire Elven Composite Longbow Craftable Artifact
Frostbringer Bow Doom Gauntlet
Halawa’s Hunting Bow Yumi Valley of Eodon
Hanzo’s Bow Yumi ToT Lesser
Ironwood Composite Bow Composite Bow Medusa
Mischief Maker Magical Shortbow Craftable Artifact
Nox Ranger’s Crossbow Heavy Crossbow Paragon/chest
Runed Driftwood Bow Bow Treasure (sunken)
Shamino’s Best Crossbow Repeating Crossbow 7th Anniversary (Heritage Token)
Silvani’s Feywood Bow Elven Composite Longbow Craftable Artifact
Silverbranch Bow Yumi Treasures of Fey Wrath
Swiftflight Bow Marksman Set
The Dryad Bow Bow Doom Gauntlet
The Horselord Yumi ToT Greater
The Night Reaper Repeating Crossbow Craftable Artifact
Wildfire Bow Elven Composite Longbow ML Minor
Wind of Corruption Bow Quest Reward
Windsong Magical Shortbow ML Minor