Clothing and Talisman Artifacts

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Where the source is shown in red the item is no longer spawning. Can be worn by: indicated by (H) human, (E) elf, (G) gargoyle, (GV) drop included  a gargoyle version, (GC)Gargoyle if converted. Books and talismans can be equipped by all, as can most true robes.




A Grammar of Orcish Talisman Library Collection
A Necromancer Shroud Robe Replica
A Primer on Arms Damage Removal Talisman Library Collection
Acid-Proof Robe Robe Replica
Ancient Wedding Dress Plain Dress Treasure (sunken)
Anon’s Boots Boots or Talons Valley of Eodon
Artio’s Vine Wrap Sash Spring Fever Champion Spawn
Batlin’s Inner Voice Talisman Black Gate Champion Spawn
Birds of Britannia Talisman Library Collection
Bloodwood Spirit Talisman ML Minor
Boots of Escaping (can be altered) Thighboots Treasures of :
Carved Bone Relic from Holmes Talisman Events
Cingulum of Juo’nar Gargish Apron Event Arc
Cloak of Corruption Elven Robe Event Item
Cloak of Death Elven Robe Event Item (Blackthorn Alternate)
Cloak of Life Elven Robe Event Item (Blackthorn Alternate)
Cloak of Light (can be altered) Cloak Treasures of Doom Treasures of Fey Wrath
Cloak of Power Elven Robe Event Item (Blackthorn Alternate)
Cloak of Silence Elven Robe Event Item (Blackthorn Alternate)
Conjuror’s Garb Robe Halloween (2008) (Blackthorn Alternate)
Conjurer’s Trinket Talisman Halloween (2008)
Corgul’s Enchanted Sash (can be altered) Body Sash High Seas
Crimson Cincture (can be altered) Half Apron ML Peerless (Blackthorn Alternate)
Crimson Dagger Belt Weapon Belt Craftable Artifact
Crimson Mace Belt Weapon Belt Craftable Artifact
Crimson Sword Belt Weapon Belt Craftable Artifact
Despicable Quiver (can be altered) Quiver Despise (Covetous on Siege)
Divinum Luminous Talisman Event Arc
Duelists Edge Talisman Clean Up
Elder Detective of the Royal Guard
(also Legendary & Mythical) (can be altered)
Boots Replica
Embroidered Oak Leaf Cloak Shroud Replica
Enchantress’ Cameo Talisman Valley of Eodon
Feathernock Quiver Marksman Set
First Aid Belt Belt Event Arc
Frostguard Talisman Event Arc
Good Samaritan of Britannia Robe Replica
Hawkwind’s Robe Fancy Robe Valley of Eodon
In Corp Mani Xen Talisman Treasures of Fey Wrath
Jade Snake Head Talisman Event Arc
Juma’s Sacred Hide Cape or Wing Armor Valley of Eodon
Lieutenant of the Britannia Royal Guard (can be altered) Body Sash Replica (Blackthorn Alternate)
Locket of Winter Talisman Event Arc
Lucky Charm Talisman Clean Up
Mana Phasing Orb Talisman Treasure (buried)
Mantle of the Archlich Robe Event Arc
Melissa’s Cloak (can be altered) Cloak Event Arc
Minax’s Sandals Sandals or Talons Valley of Eodon
Most Knowledgable Person Shroud Replica
Mushroom Cultivator’s Apron (Human and Gargoyle Versions) Apron Treasures of Fey Wrath
My book Talisman Library Collection
Mystic’s Garb Gargish Robe Stygian Abyss
Mystic’s Memento Talisman Clean Up
Necromancer’s Phylactery Talisman Clean Up
Obi Di Ense (can be altered) Obi Replica
Ozymandias’ Obi (H)(E)(GV) Obi Valley of Eodon
Pads of the Cu Sidhe (can be altered) Fur Boots ML Minor
Quiver of Blight Quiver Craftable Artifact
Quiver of Infinity Quiver 8th Anniversary (Heritage Token)
Quiver of Rage Quiver ML Minor
Quiver of the Elements Quiver ML Minor
Ranger’s Cloak of Augmentation Cloak Event Arc
Robe of Britannia (Ari) Robe Replica
Robe of the Dark Monk (H)(E)(G) Robe Events
Robe of the Eclipse/Equinox Robe ML Minor
Royal Guard Investigator Cloak Replica
Runed Sash of Warding Body Sash Treasure (buried)
Scabbard of Juo’nar Sword Belt Event Arc
Serpent Skin Quiver Quiver Treasures of Fey Wrath
Shadow Cloak of Rejuvenation Cloak Event Arc
Shanty’s Waders Thigh boots or Talons Valley of Eodon
Shroud of the Condemned Robe Stygian Abyss (Blackthorn Alternate)
Slither Talisman Medusa
Soldier’s Medal Talisman Clean Up
Spell Focusing Sash Body Sash Event Arc
Talisman of the Fey Talisman 8th Anniversary (Heritgage Token)
Talking to Wisps Talisman Library Collection
Tangle Half Apron Navrey Nighteyes (Blackthorn Alternate)
The Life of a Travelling Minstrel Talisman Library Collection
Totem of the Tribe Talisman Valley of Eodon
Totem of the Void Talisman ML Minor
Treatise on Alchemy Talisman Library Collection
Unicorn Mane Woven Sandals/Talons Sandals/Talons Despise (Covetous on Siege)
Wamap’s Bone Earrings Earrings Valley of Eodon
Wizard’s Curio Talisman Clean Up